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TXdocs is dedicated to making our products and services the best available, and the easiest to use. We welcome your ideas and suggestions. Below is a history of the updates made to our forms and software -- many based on our subscribers' requests!  
We ask. We listen. We improve.

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  • April 2024- New Certification Regarding the Use of Artificial Intelligence, new Grandchild Trust and many other improvements!
  • February 2024- Updates to accommodate new local rules and more new forms and enhancements based on your requests!
  • January 2024- Helping you kick off the new year right with new forms and features related to The Corporate Transparency Act, remote notarizations and more!
  • October 2023- The highly anticipated Motion and Order Compelling Discovery Family Law form, expanded Heirship Tree tool, and much more.
  • September 2023- We've got you covered for legislative and rule changes effective September 1st, plus new forms per your requests!
  • July 2023- Updates to forms based on legislative changes, new shell affidavits and more.
  • June 2023 - Tarrant County local rule change, updated Standing Orders and more.
  • May 2023 - New client Online Intakes, new optional standard Probate footer and other highly requested forms . . . plus more improvements from our expert attorneys.
  • April 2023 - New form approved by the Supreme Court of Texas, effective April 1, and much more!
  • February 2023 Part 2 - Improvement to new Notice of Court Proceeding and more new forms and enhancements.
  • February 2023 - TRCP Changes - the new requirements for Notices of Hearing and for judgments in JP courts are included in this release.
  • January 2023 - More new Online Intake forms and new forms and enhancements across 11 practice areas.
  • October 2022 - New Online Intake forms and form enhancements across multiple practice areas.
  • July 2022 - New forms and updates across multiple practice areas including SBOT.
  • May 2022 Part 2- More new forms -- including new CWS forms -- and updates across multiple practice areas. 
  • May 2022 Part 1 - Form updates for May 1 Texas Supreme Court Order (Misc. Docket No. 22-9031) and more based on your requests! 
  • March 2022 - Over 100 new Criminal Defense forms, formatting improvements across all practice areas and more! 
  • February 2022 - We heard you . . . more new forms and improvements across multiple practice areas! 
  • January 2022 - Major enhancements to Wills including sophisticated tax-planning wills for large estates plus new forms and improvements across multiple practice areas based on your requests!
  • December 2021 - New Norris Modern Probate volume plus new forms and improvements to existing forms across multiple practice areas.
  • September 2021 Part 2 - New and improved forms on Client Web Services and more based on your requests!
  • September 2021 Part 1September 1, 2021 Legislative Updates -- both new forms and edits to existing forms in almost all practices areas! 130 new forms and over 150 updates!
  • June 2021 - Over 150 new forms, including major overhaul of Probate, along with new forms and improvements across multiple practice areas based on your requests! 
  • February 2021 - Over 60 new forms, including a new practice area: Non-judicial Foreclosures. Plus more new forms to accommodate TRCP changes, as well as improvements to existing forms based on your suggestions. 
  • January 2021 - Happy New Year! This release includes new forms and modifications to accommodate changes made to the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure issued by the Texas Supreme Court effective January 1st.
  • November 2020 - 50 new forms added including a new Mechanic's Liens practice area along with improvements to existing forms across multiple practice areas.
  • September 2020 - 35 new Family Law forms added as well as improvements to existing forms across multiple practice areas based on your feedback.
  • April 2020 - 65 new forms added including a timely Motion and Order to Employ Emergency Procedures, as well as improvements to existing forms across multiple practice areas. Keep your forms requests coming!
  • February 2020 129 new forms added across multiple practice areas, including a new Trusts practice area. We're listening, so keep your requests coming!
  • November 2019 - We added new forms and made updates to forms in Family Law and Civil Litigation based mostly on your requests. KEEP YOUR REQUESTS COMING!
  • October 2019 - Almost 100 new forms added and updates to existing forms covering multiple practice areas.
  • September 2019 - Legislative changes effective September 1, 2019 and updates/new forms for Family Law, Civil Litigation, Probate, Business Organizations and Real Estate.
  • June 2019 - New forms for Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation . . . and more!
  • May 2019 - New forms for Family Law and Civil Litigation and updates to Criminal and Wills forms.
  • January 2019 - New forms for Family Law, Probate and Wills . . . plus updates to existing Family Law and Wills forms.

Select a date below to view details:

  • April 2024- New TXdocs Editor in Beta, new easy way to resume an assembly session, billing improvements and much more.
  • February 2024- Improvements to Child Support Delinquency Calculator, Online Intake, eFiling and more.
  • January 2024- Happy New Year! New Google calendar integration and improvements to Online Intake, eFiling and more!
  • October 2023- Improvements to eFiling, practice tools, billing, forms search and more.
  • September 2023- Improvements to eFiling, the Delinquent Support Calculator, and more.
  • May 2023- New Prospects feature, plus improvements to billing and more.
  • February 2023- Major upgrade to Online Intake client experience and more.
  • January 2023- New Features: Advanced Form Search and Email Manager, plus improvements to eFiling and more.
  • October 2022 - New In-App-Messaging feature and enhancements to Online Intake and Billing, plus more!
  • July 2022 - Major improvement to Digital Signatures and other enhancements to Online Intake, Billing and more.
  • May 2022 - TXdocs gets a new look and enhancements to eFiling, billing and more.
  • March 2022 - Improvements to billing, eFiling and more!
  • February 2022 - New Trust Deposit Request billing feature, plus improvements to document assembly and billing!
  • January 2022 - LawPay now integrated with TXdocs billing to help you accept credit card payments from your clients plus improvements to Client Web Services!
  • December 2021 - Improvements to document assembly, eFiling, billing and more!
  • September 2021 Part 2 - More enhancements to eFiling and forms search functionality based on your requests!
  • September 2021 Part 1 - Improved forms search function, eFiling enhancements, support for accented characters like ñ in documents, new trust option and more!
  • June 2021- Use TXdocs' easy and integrated eFiling system to eFile your documents . . . and more improvements to billing and document assembly!
  • February 2021- e-Signatures is now available for your pleading documents . . . and more! 
  • January 2021 - Happy New Year! Incorporated your feedback to make enhancements to billing, case manager and document assembly.
  • November 2020 - Made improvements to billing, case manager and more based on your feedback.
  • September 2020 - TXdocs gets an upgrade with a new user friendly interface, plus improvements to billing, forms and more.
  • May 2020 - Updated Classic (Desktop) version of TXdocs released which implements new security features.
  • April 2020 - Incorporated your feedback to make improvements to billing and forms.
  • February 2020 - Enhancements include new Spell Checking feature plus improvements to billing, statements and more.
  • November 2019 - Incorporated your feedback to make significant enhancements to billing, PhoneSlips and more.
  • September 2019 - Includes improvements to previewing forms, billing, emailing and more.
  • July 2019 - Enhancements include new PhoneSlips feature to help you track phone calls, automatic saving of your answers during document assembly . . . and more!
  • May 2019 - Our Client Web Service feature -- where your clients input their intake and inventory information online -- gets a major overhaul, as well as improvements to billing and calendaring features.
  • January 2019 - Enhancements include improvements to our Document Format Wizard, billing, and more.

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