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Requested by many of you, the TXdocs calendar now integrates with the Google Calendar. This integration allows you to see your Google appointments in the TXdocs calendar as well as uploading the TXdocs appointments to Google.

You can link TXdocs to your Google account in the Personal Settings in TXdocs. After this link has been established, you can see the Google appointments in your TXdocs calendar. There is a checkbox to toggle the Google appointments on and off.

The personal settings screen also allows you to opt-in to publish your TXdocs appointments to a Google Calendar. This option will create a “TXdocs” calendar in your Google environment which will receive the TXdocs appointments. You can easily select TXdocs calendar to display in a single view with your personal Google calendar. Best of all, you will be able to see the TXdocs appointments on all devices that show your Google calendars like your phone and even your watch.

  • Improved the new reimbursement windows in the Family Law Inventory tool with some textual changes and fixed an issue when adding new reimbursements.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented keystrokes on the numeric keypad to automatically filter the lists of clients and cases.
  • Improved the advanced search of templates to always show the accompanying order when a motion is found. It now also displays the correct local forms when switching to local forms after a search that did not return any forms.
  • The Delinquent Child Support Tool now uses a new date format to prevent an issue that could cause the date to be misinterpreted when entering a 4 digit year.
  • The document assembly process will now automatically resize an electronic signature image if the image is larger than the maximum size of 4x6 inch.
  • NEW: You can now undo a download of certain intake questionnaires. When downloading, some family law questionnaires require you to pick if your client is the petitioner or the respondent. If you find out you made the wrong choice, this new ‘Undo download’ option will allow you to remove the downloaded information so you can download it again to correctly designate your client as the petitioner or the respondent.
  • You can now run a report to show all created services with their status to get a quick overview of all questionnaires that you have sent to your clients.
  • After publishing a custom questionnaire, you can now immediately send that new questionnaire to your client without having to close the Online Intake Manager.
  • Fixed the close button on the custom questionnaires editor.
  • It is now possible to add a new payment account while on the Fee Calculation step of the eFiling window instead of having to go to the eFiling Management window.
  • Long descriptions of filing codes could cause the filing fee to be cut-off. The list of descriptions now shows a tooltip on each item that displays the full name of the filing code as well as the filing fee.

Fixed bill calculation issue that occurred when uploading a consolidated statement to LawPay that included an automatic trust payment. 

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