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Forth Worth, Texas

The most comprehensive library

Norris Modern Probate System is TXdocs® exclusive offering providing the most comprehensive library of Texas-specific probate forms available. This library includes many unique forms drafted by Joel Norris to address fact situations he has resolved during his extensive practice.

Probate Table of Contents 


Valuable time-saving software tools

The forms library is complemented by a large suite of software tools that simplify and streamline the tedious and time-consuming tasks probate attorneys must handle every day. These tools include applications that simplify preparation of inventories as well as various types of annual and final accounts.

Heirship and Intestate cases will be a breeze with TXdocs' new Heirship Tree tool. The Decedent's family history can be easily added and changed through the life of your case, and the tool will sort out the legitimate heirs, with their interest in the estate automatically calculated.

TXdocs Software Tools


About Joel Norris

Joel Norris has an active probate practice in the Houston-area and is certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Estate Planning and Probate Law. He’s driven by a passion to find new and efficient ways to provide high quality legal services to his clients.

Online Intake  

Subscribers LOVE this! TXdocs includes a unique internet portal that lets you download directly into TXdocs information that your clients enter online. This includes:

  • Probate Client Intake
  • Probate of Will Intake
  • Intestate/Heirship/Small Estate Intake
  • Probate Inventory
  • Small Estate Assets and Liabilities Inventory


The txdocs difference

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  • FULLY FUNCTIONAL - Preview all versions, thousands of Texas specific forms, and all program elements.
  • TIME SAVING FEATURES - Online Intake, simplified eFiling, practice management tools, and much more.
  • CONVERTS EASILY - All of the data you enter during your free trial will carry over to your paid subscription.
  • TEXAS BASED SUPPORT - Receive excellent technical support and training from our team, right here in Texas.
    • No payment information required until you're ready to subscribe.
    • No long term, "gotcha" contract.
    • 3-Month money back guarantee

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