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Anywhere (Cloud version)

When you log onto or you will see the address bar starts with “https:”. That is your visual indicator showing that all data being transmitted between your computer and our server is encrypted and secure. We use the latest SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to enforce this security. 

On our server, your data is maintained in a separate database that is created for your firm. Access to this database is never shared with anyone not logged in under your firm’s license. 

Even your separate database is also password protected with a password that is unique to your firm only. 

If you are a single user, make sure that you do not have an active session open on another PC. If you do, end that session and then try to log in. If there are multiple users in your firm, locate someone who may be logged in and not using it or you can always contact us to add additional user licenses.

If you are still having issues then contact our Tech Support at or call 210-253-9506 and ask for Tech Support.

This means your Password and/or Username are incorrect. Typically it is the password which is case sensitive so make sure your Caps lock is off. You can also refer back to the email we sent you with the password unless you changed it. 

You can use the Forgot password link, just make sure to give our server 5 minutes to update after you have reset your password.

After resetting your password, make sure to allow 5 minutes for the server to update your account before trying to login.

Close your web browser, wait a couple of minutes and then log back in. Your session was not closed properly prior. 

You want to make sure to close TXdocs within your web browser and then click on the Windows logo button  and select Yes to end the session. This will properly end your Anywhere session.

On your Web browser, click the   and then click here  to maximize the window size. 
After maximizing the window you should be able to see the TXdocs icon and taskbar on the right side of the screen.

Unfortunately, the left command button does not work when pasting into TXdocs. Please use the right command button+V to paste the contents of your clipboard into TXdocs. 

To copy text to your clipboard on your Mac, you can use the left command button+C as well as the right command button+C.

Installation of Classic (Desktop version)

Reboot your PC and if you receive the same message when trying to run the installer contact our Tech Support at or call 210-253-9506 and ask for Tech Support.

As long as your system is running Windows Vista or newer you should have no issues, but you will want to review the required prerequisites for your OS. See Support/Downloads

If you are using a Mac, please use TXdocs Anywhere.

Yes, this is possible and easy to achieve. Please refer to our manual for instructions on installing TXdocs on a network. Please note all users must work within the same firm to share a TXdocs account. 


First you want to click "Retry" and if that fails, do not uninstall, and contact our Tech Support at or call 210-253-9506 and ask for Tech Support.

System files have been removed from the TXdocs folder and you will need to contact our Tech Support at or call 210-253-9506 and ask for Tech Support.

This occurs when you do not have the correct security permissions to access TXdocs on the Server. You will have to set the security permissions to allow at least Modify rights on the TXdocs folder (on the Server). After completing this close out any TXdocs error messages and try to open the program again on the problem PC. If you still have issues, contact our Tech Support at or call 210-253-9506 and ask for Tech Support.


Check Task manager, go to the Details tab and locate either TXdocs.exe or TXdocsPlus.exe and end task for each instance running. After doing so, try and start the program again.

Yes, by exporting a single client and case. Access the Edit menu and then, select the case and choose the appropriate options. After exporting, click on the link to access the physical file. Copy the export folder to your portable media. 

Once you have reached your PC at home once again access the Edit menu but this time select "Import single client and single case". Access the export folder you copied to your portable media and then click Import. 

You will have all of the answers and documents created for this client in TXdocs on your home PC.

Note: You will need to repeat this process to get the updated client/case information back onto your office PC.

Under these circumstances TXdocs Anywhere would best suit you. Your data is accessible from any PC with an internet connection and you access it through a web browser, so no need to install anything on your PCs. All of your data is stored in a central location and backed up daily which will prevent loss of data in the event your PC crashes.

Your setting in TXdocs informs TXdocs which word processor you plan to use so the documents are formatted accordingly. In this case, the file association on your PC needs to be changed by following these steps:

Yes, you can import both your clients and cases from Firm Central and ProDoc. Please be aware importing the data requires a current license from one of these companies. To import the data, simply select the Setup menu in TXdocs and choose the option "Import Prodoc data" or "Import Firm Central data"The import window lists instructions on how to export the data from Prodoc or Firm Central, as well as guides you through the import. 


Because you did not finish the assembly, the document has not yet been created. To complete assembly click on Assemble, choose the same client and case you wish to finish assembly for and then make sure to choose the document you were working on. 

If you saved your answers then everything you previously entered in will populate the document and you will just need to answer the remaining questions.

Yes, with TXdocs open, click on File and the choose View table of contents and you can browse through all available documents and practice areas.

Yes, go to the Setup menu and click the first option - Document Format Wizard. This will allow you to change the styles, justifications, font, and margin spacing of your forms. You can set the styling defaults for pleadings & orders, agreements & contracts and letters. You can also set styling defaults for individual forms.


Yes, open the Billing manager and drag your client's case over to Client case billing details and click on the Statements tab. Click on the statement and then select Undo statementNext, click on the Individual/Consolidated statement tab and you'll see the statement has been undone.

Open the Billing manager and drag your clients case over to Client case billing details and click on the Statements tab. Click on the statement and then click the View/Print button to open the file and then print the statement.

Open the Billing manager and drag the client's case in question and drop it on the Individual statement tab and then Right click on the particular item you wish to change and select the Edit option. Make the necessary changes and then click OK to save the changes.

Your TXdocs account

Click Setup and then Account

Click on Payment options and then Edit payment options to access your payment info to make any changes or add a new payment method. 

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