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Upgrading from ProDoc
Comprehensive and full featured

Document assembly and practice management software

We provide comprehensive and full featured document assembly and practice management software that is specifically tailored to the way we do business in Texas.

Our document assembly templates cover family law, civil litigation, criminal defense, guardianships, trusts, wills, probate, real estate, landlord/tenant, business organizations, mechanic's liens and foreclosures.

Our practice management software includes billing, calendaring, case management
and document management.


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Many of you know my first company - ProDoc®. When I sold that company in 2008 I retired and thought I was done with work for good. Well, it didn’t take long for me to realize that retirement is highly overrated.

TXdocs® is my new baby. My team has successfully re-created the magic potion that mixes high quality products, customer service that shows we care and value your business and extremely reasonable pricing. With that magic combination of ingredients, TXdocs has taken off and is well on its way to replacing ProDoc as the “go to” software for law practice in Texas.

Alan Schoolcraft President/CEO Attorney At Law

Alan Schoolcraft
President/CEO, Attorney At Law 

Focus makes all the difference

Created in Texas for Texas Attorneys

Because TXdocs is designed to be used exclusively by Texas attorneys, we are able to tailor it to work the way we practice law in Texas. If you don't think this is such a big deal now, you will once you see the innovations that are possible by focusing only on Texas.

Client experiences

Is TXdocs any good?

I use TXdocs Anywhere on my MacBook Air with no problems, and have for over a year. It's a great product, much better IMO than the WestLaw/Prodocs product.

Greg J. Pickett - Irving, TX

Thank you for all you do. I really value TxDocs and frequently tell my colleagues to try it out.

Lisa Crowe - Weatherford, TX

I love the program. I am a big fan.

Marivonne R. Essex - Spring, TX

You guys rock!

Maria Lowry - Houston, TX

I was an early user of your product and a big fan of what you are doing.

Jack K. Robinson - Rockwall, TX

I am very satisfied with the TXdocs system you are developing. It’s more convenient and useful than ProDoc was.

Harry Munsinger - San Antonio, TX

I have really enjoyed using TXdocs. It has been a great investment for my practice. One of the great things about this company is the great customer support they offer. I really like that they reach out to the lawyers who use their service for suggestions or ideas to help improve their product. I highly recommend this product to both new and experienced attorneys.

Andrew Garcia - Dallas, TX

I was very pleased with their spreadsheet based Inventory last week. Worked like a charm doing all the calculations.

Al Greene - Houston, TX

TXdocs is designed to save time. The forms are well thought out and professional in appearance. I am not exactly a computer geek, but I needed no help drafting my first documents.

Wade Wilson - Helotes, TX

Thanks. You guys are great.

Enrique Juarez - Los Fresnos, TX
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