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Here are some examples of how TXdocs works better for you because we can focus on your needs.


Practice area specific tools - There are many tasks that involve creating documents but cannot be done very well trying to use document assembly software. For example, in Family law, Probate and Guardianships, you have to create property and debt inventories. You'll love how we built spreadsheet type tools to handle these matters that are completely integrated into the document assembly process. When you are preparing a divorce decree, you may need to pop up a child support calculator that will calculate and then insert the support obligation and stepdown values. We have added that functionality directly into the document assembly process. 

Texas specific tools - TXdocs® subscriptions also include many software tools that handle non-document related tasks. For example, our Officials directory gives you one-click access to the contact information for all courts, clerks, district attorneys, county attorneys, sheriffs and constables in all 254 Texas counties. Our Texas Codes application gives you immediate access to 31 Texas Codes plus the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure and Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code on your desktop and on your phone. Our Deadline Calculator calculates any deadline found in the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure and the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code. You can choose to automatically add any calculated deadlines into the Deadlines Manager. And, speaking of the Deadlines Manager, it includes a button to open a window for creating discovery control plans.

Online intake - Let your clients do the typing! This feature gives your clients the ability to login and securely enter inventory information for divorce and probate cases and intake information for multiple practice areas. After they finish, you can download the data directly into their case in TXdocs.

Smart efiling - TXdocs' super easy efiling system is fully integrated into TXdocs which allows you to efile directly from TXdocs and save valuable time. With TXdocs eFiling you no longer need to: start a separate program, find your document, convert to PDF, start another program to efile, and then retype the party and court information. TXdocs removes these cumbersome steps by using its knowledge about your case to prevent redundancy and minimizes the need to re-type reducing the chance for errors. Our user friendly interface takes you step-by-step through the efiling process automatically converting your documents to PDF.

Other little time savers you may not even notice - TXdocs knows the names of all 254 counties in Texas. That means we can quickly fill-in a county after just one or two keystrokes. For example, type "G" and "Gaines" will be automatically populated. If you then type a "u" "Guadalupe" will be populated. 

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