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Longino's Texas Family Law system

Houston, Texas

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Longino's Texas Family Law System is TXdocs® exclusive offering providing the most comprehensive family law forms library with over 1000 forms covering everything you need for a family law practice, including local forms and standing orders for over 100 counties.

As the presiding judge of Texas’ largest county, Tristan Longino handled more family law cases during his four years on the bench than many attorneys will handle in their lifetime.

He's also seen "behind the curtain." He knows how to navigate the courts, both from having litigated in multiple counties and run a court himself, so you can rest assured we’ll have forms to cover the strange procedural issue you may face and, if not, have his assistance in generating a new one for your use.

In short, you can rest assured that our forms not only track the statutes and rules, but they also correctly express the law in a clear and compelling manner.

Additionally, TXdocs includes family law tools such as a child support calculator, delinquency calculator, inventory, sensitive information redactor, etc. 

•Family Law Table of Contents                       Sample Divorce Decree                                                                                                                                        Sample Order in Suit to Modify SAPCR      •TXdocs Software Tools

About Judge Tristan longino

Tristan Harris Longino served as the presiding judge of the 245th Family District Court in Harris County, Texas, from 2019 until 2022. During that time he heard and ruled on countless final trials, temporary orders, discovery disputes, and other matters involving everything from complex marital estates with international scope to custody disputes. He was rated among the highest presiding family court judges by members of the Houston Bar Association in its 2021 judicial evaluation, and implemented numerous innovations (technological and otherwise) to save litigants time and money.

Before taking the bench in 2019, Tristan practiced family law exclusively. He is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and earned a reputation among his clients of diligence, quality, and ethics, always putting their best interest first. He returned to private practice after leaving the bench, serving as a mediator, arbitrator, special judge, and private counsel. 

Online intake

Subscribers LOVE this! TXdocs includes a unique internet portal that lets you download directly into TXdocs information that your clients enter online. This includes:

  • Divorce Intake                       
  • Divorce Inventory
  • Family Law Intake
  • Child Custody Strategy Intake
  • Financial Information Sheet
  • Initial Disclosures
  • Pretrial Disclosures


Better Than the bar

It's no longer a question of whether TXdocs' forms are as good as the Bar's. We now say that TXdocs' forms are better than the Bar's. To see some very specific examples of why that's true, view this pdf.



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  • FULLY FUNCTIONAL - Preview all versions, thousands of Texas specific forms, and all program elements.
  • TIME SAVING FEATURES - Online Intake, simplified eFiling, practice management tools, and much more.
  • CONVERTS EASILY - All of the data you enter during your free trial will carry over to your paid subscription.
  • TEXAS BASED SUPPORT - Receive excellent technical support and training from our team, right here in Texas.
    • No payment information required until you're ready to subscribe.
    • No long term, "gotcha" contract.
    • 3-Month money back guarantee

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