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TXdocs provides document assembly templates and pdf forms for 12 practice areas.  All templates and forms are fully automated to dramatically cut document preparation time and reduce errors. View a table of contents list by selecting a practice area below.


A TXdocs® and Joel Norris Collaboration

Norris Modern Probate is TXdocs® exclusive offering providing the most comprehensive library of Texas-specific probate forms available. Heirship and Intestate cases will be a breeze with our new Heirship Tree tool. The Decedent’s family history can be easily added and changed through the life of your case, and we will sort out the legitimate heirs, with their interest in the estate automatically calculated. All intake forms, applications, affidavits, and orders have been streamlined to minimize the work you have to input.  Table of contents    Tools

TXdoc's family law volume provides over 1000 forms covering everything you need for a family law practice, including local forms and standing orders for specific counties. Additionally, we have family law tools such as a child support calculator, delinquency calculator, inventory, etc.               Table of contents       Tools

We also offer you the option to import your copy of the Texas Bar's Family Law Practice Manual and use it instead of TXdocs' family law volume. However, using TXdocs' family law volume provides you with the following advantages:

  • TXdocs tracks the legislative updates and releases the changes in our volume as soon as they take effect, versus having to wait until the next publish date.
  • TXdocs is able to be responsive to subscriber requests (changes in our forms and new forms). Updates for our forms go out on average every 3 months, instead of every 2 years.
  • Many of TXdocs' forms are more comprehensive with options for specific scenarios which often requires less editing of assembled documents.

If you still prefer to use the Texas Bar's Family Law Practice Manual (2020 or 2018 version) instead of TXdocs' family law volume, please see our Bar Form page for more information. We include family law tools such as a child support calculator, delinquency calculator, inventory, etc.                       

Our Criminal Defense system provides hundreds of motions and orders covering just about everything you will do in the trial court for your criminal defense practice.     Table of contents

Our Wills system provides everything a general practitioner needs for simple wills, living trusts, statutory forms for minor's estates and long-form pourover wills to create in conjunction with revocable trusts.  We do not try to cover complex estate planning.    Table of contents

Our comprehensive Trusts volume includes irrevocable and revocable trusts and the ancillary documents that accompany them. Our irrevocable options include Life Insurance, Generation-Skipping transfer (Dynasty) and Spousal Lifetime Access Trusts. Our revocable options include Simple, Tax Planned (including Q-tip and One-Lung options) and Standby Management Trusts. Each of our trusts include all documents needed to give to a client, including Certificates of Trust, Receipts, Acknowledgements and Letters. Partition agreements and Powers of Attorney are also included in this volume.    Table of contents

Our Guardianship system provides a complete set of automated forms for creating, maintaining and closing permanent and temporary guardianships.    Table of contents    Tools

Hundreds of motions, orders, discovery documents and pleadings. We've developed new specialized mini-apps that are integrated into the document assembly process to handle parties, opposing counsel, certificates of service, etc.    Table of contents

Our real estate system provides a complete set of forms for real estate conveyances, including deeds, deeds of trust, notes, transfers, and modifications. It also includes the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) promulgated contracts and addenda.    Table of contents     Tool

Our Landlord/Tenant system provides forms for lease agreements, notices, waivers, affidavits, petitions for FE&D and eviction, default judgments, and post trial forms.    Table of contents

Our Business Organizations system provides forms to create/maintain/terminate for profit, non-profit, and professional corporations, limited liability companies, professional limited liability companies, and limited partnerships. It also includes forms for reserving and registering names and assumed names, changing registered offices, and much more.     Table of contents

Our Mechanic's Liens volume provides everything a general Texas practitioner will need for both voluntary and involuntary mechanic's liens.     Table of contents

The chapters of this volume include all of the basic forms needed for a non-judicial foreclosure -- including letters, notices, affidavits, IRS forms, sale scripts, and deeds.    Table of contents

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