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Why Just Settle For Document Assembly

When You Can Have Complete Automation

See how TXdocs’ innovative solutions are setting a new standard
for law office efficiency and productivity.

Introducing: TXdocs Document Automation. 

This is the first solution that goes beyond document assembly to fully integrate it with online client intake and eFiling into one seamless Document Automation solution.

TXdocs’ Online Intake system provides a secure portal where your clients can enter their case intake information as well as detailed information for tasks such as divorce and probate inventories, financial statements and initial disclosures.  And, when your client has finished providing their information, you can download it directly into TXdocs for use throughout their case.

TXdocs’ Document Assembly is a full featured and easy to use system for generating just about any document you need in a Texas practice.  Since TXdocs is completely focused on serving the needs of small law firms in Texas, the document assembly software is packed with unique features and capabilities that you simply won’t find in generic document assembly solutions.  Simply stated, TXdocs works the way we work in Texas because we simply don’t care how they do it elsewhere.

TXdocs’ eFiling provides the final step in document automation.  This new system is the first truly new eFiling software in years.  It is designed and programmed to be simple to use and efficient.  Because it is integrated into TXdocs, you no longer have to go to a completely different system and then waste time finding your documents, converting them to pdf, re-typing names, addresses, cause numbers, etc.   You will very quickly be asking why somebody didn’t do this sooner.  But don’t just take our word for it.  Here’s what a TXdocs subscriber recently posted on a forum:

"If you are not using the TXdocs e-filing system, you are wasting time that you don't have to be.
I just used it for the first time this week, and it is insanely easy! Go TXdocs!!"

Kim Havel, Attorney
Hondo, TX

And here is an unsolicited email we received:

I don't know how you guys did it, but your e-filing platform blows ProDoc out of the water. I was hesitant
to switch but WOW - TXdocs is so much easier.  and you are saving me the $3.34 filing fee for each filing!?!
How??? I don't care! I'm just delighted I don't have to pass that charge onto my clients.  Well done.”

Angela Oaks, Attorney
Houston, TX

At TXdocs, our goal is to provide a complete automated office where you will never have to type anything more than once. (even better if we can get your clients to type it)


  • FULLY FUNCTIONAL - Preview all versions, thousands of Texas specific forms, and all program elements.
  • TIME SAVING FEATURES - Online Intake, simplified eFiling, practice management tools, and much more.
  • CONVERTS EASILY - All of the data you enter during your free trial will carry over to your paid subscription.
  • TEXAS BASED SUPPORT - Receive excellent technical support and training from our team, right here in Texas.
    • No payment information required until you're ready to subscribe.
    • No long term, "gotcha" contract.
    • 3-Month money back guarantee

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