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Form Enhancements (TXdocs & TXdocsPlus)

New Forms:

  • Family Law: 11.13 Final Order (SAPCR) - Relief Denied, 18.04 Waiver of Service (SAPCR), 19.20 Motion for Protective Order for Subpoena, 46.10 Mediated Settlement Agreement for Attorneys, Tarrant County Local Form - Record of Support
  • Probate: Over 75 new forms plus Travis County Local Form - Supplemental Civil Case Info Sheet
  • Wills: Out of Hospital DNR

Updates & Improvements to Existing Forms:

  • Family Law: Updated 3.03 Waiver of Service (Divorce), all orders (4.01, 11.12, 38.06, 46.10) now have added option to attach Standard Possession Order instead of including in the body of the document, added possession during military duty to Divorce Decree, 5.08 added sale of residence provisions to Temporary Orders for Divorce, added in all temporary/final orders option for geographic restrictions to be lifted if a party moves, added option for short form or long form instructions/definitions in Interrogatories and Requests for Inspection and Production (21.05, 21.13, 17.15), changed language in Order for Continuance 23.05 to state 'vacated' instead of 'dropped', and added request or admissions to types of discovery served in 21.36 Motion for Protective Order
  • Wills: Improved forms by adding the ability to use contingent trusts for anyone, not just for children of testators.


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