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TXdocs, TXdocsPlus and TXpractice

  • The bar number is now required when adding a new attorney to the staff list. Additionally, the layout of the staff update window has been improved.

Practice Management Enhancements (TXdocsPlus and TXpractice)


  • The preference to use "invoice" instead of "statement" did not affect all occurrences of the word "statement".
  • A major overhaul of the custom layout designer for statements. This new version is a big improvement and added the ability to resize the header and the alternative header of the statement.

Other Enhancements

  • Restored the ability to minimize certain windows - such as the timer screen and the timeslip update screen. Minimizing screens allows screens to remain open without obscuring other windows. Minimized windows can be restored by clicking on "Switch To" on the status bar
  • The phone slips report now includes phone slips that were not related to a case.
  • After adding a task, that task was not automatically displayed in the "Today at a Glance" screen.
  • Improved selecting an attorney when adding an attorney to a case in Case Manager.
  • Fixed dragging-and-dropping a contact to the Case Manager to add a related contact to a case.
  • Added the ability to print a single case's contact and case information. This feature includes the option to print related contacts, related attorneys and case notes.

Document Assembly Enhancements (TXdocs and TXdocsPlus)

  • The divorce inventory window now allows you to move an item from community estate to a separate estate and vice versa.
  • When selecting a form for assembly, the forms can be viewed and printed. The print option is only available when the user has a paid subscription.
  • Page Down and Page Up can now be used to navigate to the next and previous page of assembly questions.
  • The "Edit answers" screen now allows the user to easily switch cases.
  • The recently assembled overview lists the last 100 documents that were created. Fixed an issue when trying to reassemble a document that was assembled without a case.
  • Fixed the selection of local forms when creating a form set.

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