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Form Enhancements (TXdocs & TXdocsPlus)

Because of the COVID-19 Texas Supreme Court and Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Emergency Orders, this timely TXdocs’ release includes a Motion and Order to Employ Emergency Procedures. These emergency documents can also be used in other emergency circumstances (hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, etc.) The Texas Supreme Court and Court of Criminal Appeals emergency orders can be found here under local forms--Supreme Court of Texas—local orders.

65 New Forms

Family Law

  • Motion and Order to Employ Emergency Procedures (can be modified for use in other practice areas now and will be added to other areas in next release)
  • SAPCR Petitions and Orders– in Intervention and to Prevent International Child Abduction
  • Marital Property Agreement
  • Motion and Order for Certified Copy of Order
  • Notice of Collaborative Law Procedures Termination
  • Operating Trust Agreement for Jointly Owned Property
  • Motion and Order for Confirmation of Receiver’s Report of Sale
  • Application to Enjoin Further Proceedings in Subsequent Suit
  • Motions, Orders, Objections in Child Custody Evaluations and Appointing Representative
  • Master in Chancery Motions, Objections, and Orders
  • Interstate Compact forms
  • Numerous Letters of Request, Notice, to Client, and to Opposing Counsel
  • Bankruptcy Suggestion, Notice of Birth, Application for Hardship Driver License
  • Checklists: Retirement Benefits, Division of Parental Rights and Duties
  • Retirement: QDROs – Pre and Post Retirement, numerous retirement related forms
  • Many miscellaneous motions, orders, affidavits, and special agencies forms
  • New local forms in several counties, including Harris, Tarrant, and Wichita counties

Civil Litigation

  • Vehicle Bill of Sale (also in Family Law)


Updates & Improvements to Existing Forms

Family Law 

  • Application for Protective Order
  • Temporary Ex Parte Protective Order
  • SAPCR Petition/Counterpetition-conservatorship and support provisions available (if filing in conjunction with Parenting Plan).
  • Added language for reasonable and necessary health care expenses

Civil Litigation

  • Added optional reasons for Breach of Contract claims
  • Added specific statutory language for Requests for Disclosure


  • Legal Services Retainer Agreement more options for payment


  • Spousal Lifetime Access Trust (SLAT) language improvement for prohibited trustee
  • Revocable Trusts and Certificates - Signature lines, notary blocks, and others


  • Disinheritance optional language added
  • Order Admitting Will to Probate and Oath of Executor added statutory language
  • Optional language to provide a list of gifts to


  • Interrogatories to Witnesses Signature block
  • Medicaid language optional

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