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Document Assembly Enhancements (TXdocs & TXdocsPlus)

Software Enhancements:

Document Format Wizard: 

  • New fields: You can now include client name, cause number and case description in your headers and footers.
  • New formatting options: Section heading alignment and indent; alignment of level 1,2,3; headers and footer available for letters; right align option for the right-hand side of captions; left and right margin of the document. 

Other Improvements:

  • Child support calculator: Now includes FICA withholding and Medicare in the printout.
  • Document assembly help feature: Now automatically visible and provides context sensitive help during assembly.
  • New filter: Introduced to Document Manager and FileTime window, will automatically filter the clients while you type -- just start typing and the list of clients will be reduced to only those that match the filter.
  • Local forms: Table of contents issue corrected.
  • Cancelling an assembly: Issue with Document Format Wizard sometimes not starting has been fixed.
  • Delinquent support calculator: No longer possible to enter future dates.
  • Essentials tool box: Display issue corrected for single practice area.
  • Licenses: Issue with number of licenses available when subscribing to Anywhere version from a Classic free trial version has been corrected.


Practice Management Enhancements (TXdocsPlus & TXpractice)

Billing Improvements:

  • Statement number feature: Now available to generate and print on statements with multiple formats to choose from and a configurable first statement number.
  • New setting in Firm Setup/Billing: 'Allow alone on statement' - controls whether the optional monthly fee will be charged to the case even when there are no other charges.
  • Description fields: Added to trust withdrawals, trust deposits and invoice credits; descriptions printed on statements. 
  • Custom statement header editor: No longer a beta feature, many improvements have been implemented thanks to your input to improve this powerful new feature.
  • Timer: Timer is now preserved when creating a timeslip from the timer window.
  • Timeslip duration: New settings to control the behavior of the timeslip duration when creating a timeslip under 'Setup/Firm Setup/Billing': specify the duration in hours/minutes/tenths of an hour/hundreths of an hour (e.g. 2.5, 1.25, respectively); default time can be set (ignored when creating a timeslip from the timer window); 'round up' control setting for timeslips created from the timer window will automatically be rounded to the nearest time increment per the duration in billing settings.
  • Billing Manager: Thoroughly reviewed and numerous optimizations and fixes have been implemented.
  • Email Manager: Issue where emails generated during monthly billing run occasionally not showing in email manager has been fixed.
  • Expense slip report: Updated to list all billed expenses, unbilled expenses or both.
  • Print receipt for payment checkbox: Issue has been fixed, the checkbox ensures that a receipt is printed when the payment is added.

Other Improvements:

  • Essentials tool box: Display issue corrected for TXpractice and single practice area.
  • Licenses: Issue with number of licenses available when subscribing to Anywhere version from a Classic free trial version has been corrected.
  • Moving group appointments in calendar: Will now move the appointments for all members of the group.
  • Security: Updated security settings for Billing Manager and for the security login.
  • Case Manager: Now includes a tab where you can organize all contacts (investigators, experts, witnesses, etc.) who are associated with the case.
  • Calendar: View can now be switched to 'full week' and 'work week' and the first day for the week view can be set in the calendar section of the 'Setup/Personal preferences' window.
  • Automatic updates: 'Contacts Manager' and 'Today-at-a-glance' panes are updated automatically when new items are available.

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