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TXdocs now features a new way of searching for forms, with an updated look and features designed to make it easier to find the forms you want to assemble. The new search automatically searches the full text of all forms as well as common nicknames for forms in order to offer you additional search results in case the initial search doesn’t include the form you’re looking for.

'Favorites' have also been integrated into the template search window making it easier to select and filter your favorite forms.


TXdocs now comes with a new email manager that allows you organize and store your emails in TXdocs. You can drag emails to your cases, allowing TXdocs’ Case Manager to include the emails that you receive, making it a complete overview of your case. The new email manager is compatible with almost all email providers (needs to support imap protocol). This enhanced Email Manager is available in TXdocsPlus Anywhere (Cloud) as well as TXdocsPlus Classic (Desktop).

  • The probate heirship tree’s report now includes the date, client name, and case.
  • The date on the deadlines report will no longer be cut-off and fields will no longer overlap.
  • The monthly calendar report includes the appointments again, after a previous update broke this report.
  • Simplified creation of timeslips by combining ‘OK’ and ‘Add another’ in a single button to the timeslips window.
  • Implemented extra validation on case parties’ email addresses to detect incorrect email addresses.
  • Added support for the upcoming changes to the state’s eFiling system.
  • Changed tooltip of filing codes so that the full name and price are always visible. Some counties have long filing names, which caused the price of the filing to be cut-off.
  • Resubmitting rejected filings will include the original envelope number to ensure that the original filing date is preserved.
  • Removed the ‘Manage completed services’ option so that all services are listed once again under 'Manage existing services'.

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