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Form Enhancements (TXdocs & TXdocsPlus)

50 New Forms

Civil Litigation - 20 New Forms

  • Trespass to Try Title - Petition, Answer and Judgment
  • Abstract Demand
  • Letter to Clerk Transmittal
  • Notice of Motion to Disqualify
  • Client Letter - Change of Firm Address
  • Client Letter - Scope and Cost of Representation
  • Client Letter - Instructions for Upcoming Deposition
  • Client Letter - Final Settlement Payment
  • Client Letter - Submitting Court Costs
  • Letter - General Release
  • Attorney Vacation Letter
  • Demand Letter - Notice and Demand to Vacate
  • Acknowledgment of Settlement Disbursement
  • Common Source Agreement
  • Various Orders

           Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • Letter of Representation and Settlement Offer
  • Personal Injury Protection Demand
  • Uninsured Motorist Demand Letter
  • Stowers Demand Letter
  • Letter - Subrogation Entitlement Denial

Mechanic's Liens - 22 New Forms - New Practice Area

  • Voluntary Mechanic's Lien
  • Mechanic Lien Note
  • Affidavit - Completion and Indemnification
  • Affidavit - Acceptance of Completion
  • New Construction Closing Certificate
  • Home Improvement Closing Certification
  • Notice - Recission Election

           Various Involuntary Mechanic Liens

  • Notice - Claim Against Owner and Original Contractor
  • Notice By Second-Tier Claimant to Original Contractor
  • Notice - Liens Against Homestead Property
  • Affidavit Asserting Mechanic's Lien and Materialman's Lien
  • Cover Letter - Copy of Lien Affidavit
  • Statutory Notice - Special Fabricated Materials
  • Notice - Agreement Providing Retainage
  • Notice - Retainage Agreement
  • Request - Owner's Information
  • Request - Original Contractor's Information
  • Request - Subcontractor Information
  • Request - Affidavit of Completion
  • Release of Mechanic's and Materialman's Lien
  • Partial Release of Mechanic's and Materialman's Lien
  • Notice - Termination of Abandonment of Performance by Original Contractor

Family Law - 13 New Forms

  • Separation Agreement
  • Special Exceptions - Non-Divorce
  • Order on Special Exceptions
  • Financial Information Worksheet
  • Employer's Motion for Hearing - Applicability of Income Withholding
  • Revocation for Authorization Agreement
  • Notice - Registration of Support Order (UIFSA G)
  • Letter to Clerk - Registration for Support Order (UIFSA subch. G)
  • Notice - Registration of Support Order (UIFSA H)
  • Letter to Clerk - Registration for Support Order (UIFSA subch. H)
  • Registration Information (UIFSA, subch. G/H)
  • Notice of Hearing De Novo Before Referring Court (local Bexar County)
  • Attorney Vacation Letter

Updates & Improvements to Existing Forms

  • Trusts: Made improvements and updates to SLAT and Life Insurance Trusts, including an option to assemble a Partition Agreement with the Trusts. New language added to SLAT for amounts that may exceed the GST amount. Declaration of Gift now lists beneficiaries instead of children. Improved language in perpetuities savings clause in revocable trusts.
  • Wills: Separate Statutory Durable Power of Attorney for individual/spouse, standardized Wills
  • Probate: Language for state, agency or charitable devisee, require witnesses entry in various forms
  • Guardianship: Added language in multiple documents for sale of real property. County captions no longer require a court number
  • Civil Litigation: Improvements to captions -- added DBA designation for Plaintiffs and made court number optional. Allowed for blank documents to assemble in what previously ran for each person entered. Improved formatting for DTPA Petition.
  • Family Law: Provided parties to reside in different counties in Petition, more options in various forms, added option for reimbursement of government provided health insurance and made reimbursement amount for private health insurance different from the cost of the policy, improved calculations for income withholding
  • Real Estate: Improved calculations of HUD-1 Settlement statement
  • Business Organizations: Added additional static language to Articles of Amendment to Certificate of Formation
  • Criminal: Added SPN number option in Appearance of Counsel and Letter of Representation to satisfy Harris County requirements. County caption no longer require a court number

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