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major improvement to digital signataures
  • Digital signatures are now supported in the entire document, not just inside the pleading signature block.
  • It’s much easier to select a digital signature image file. The signature can be resized to your desired size.
  • The digital signature can be configured in the staff setup or when selecting the attorney for a document.


New features
  • The Probate Heirship Tree can now be printed and/or exported to PDF. A much-requested feature, this print can be used to get a quick overview of all the heirs and their relationships.
  • Filing Fees charged can be automatically added as an expense slip to a case. Additionally, an automatic timeslip can be configured for each filing. 


general improvements
  • Easily view any missing/outdated information of the selected attorney during assembly.
  • Improved assembly panels regarding parties.
  • Added sanitizing pasted answers to prevent auto numbering errors when using WordPerfect.
  • Fixed an error when using the quick text select button during assembly.
  • Bug where format wizard would ask to discard any changes for individual form.
  • Format wizard: default margins have been updated.
  • Prevented creating a rtf document when TXdocs is configured to create native Word DOC files.
  • Improved re-assembling the divorce decree, saving time.
  • Printer defaults can no longer be set for Anywhere – the printer selection for Anywhere will be asked when printing.
  • Property tools including proposed division and inventory no longer allow minimizing of property windows.
  • Added warnings to property tool windows that allow you to link other property items (Mortgages, vehicle loans, etc…)
  • Contacts Manager behavior has been updated so expanding a client will no longer cause the selection bar jump to the top of the clients list.
  • Office 365 Roman Numeral formatting is improved.


Billing Improvements
  • NEW: Monthly billing option to exclude all inactive cases that do not have a balance NOR a trust balance.
  • NEW: Support for consecutive invoice numbers per case.
  • NEW: A tab to the client/case billing details tab in billing manager, showing the case balance history table, detailing how the balance came to be.
  • NEW: column to the client/case billing details statements tab in billing manager, showing the paid status of each invoice.
  • Improved the overview of the totals of unbilled items in client/case billing details.
  • Added “invoice credit” action to billing manager’s action overview
  • Omitted items no longer show up on prebill.
  • Fixed an error where printing unbilled credits were not calculated correctly.
  • Fixed issue where statements show only one previous balance, not all invoices with an outstanding balance.
  • Multiple changes to balance history and invoicing.
  • Invoice report outline updated.
  • Closing a case will automatically stop the automatic monthly fee if configured.


efiling Improvements
  • Fixed an issue where s case party could be duplicated when using 2 lead documents in a single envelope.
  • The cause number of a case will be automatically downloaded when an initial filing is accepted. It will now overwrite the cause number in the case when it’s empty or when it’s filled with underscores.
  • Fixed issue where the document type of a filing would be lost when going back from the fee tab.
  • Added check on fields to prevent non-printable characters from causing an issue during the fee calculation.
  • Fixed issue where filings were removed when going back to the jurisdiction tab after reaching the submit tab.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the case after reaching the submit step would not leave some info over the previous case selected.


TXdocsplus improvments
  • Case Manager’s billing details now matches the billing details of the case in Billing Manager.
  • Drag and drop functionality of timers have been improved.
  • Client address block generation is now more intuitive and will prompt the user to regenerate if information has been changed.
  • A contact’s primary attorney can now be set to “Not Assigned”.
  • Contacts Manager now has the option to default to ‘clients only’. This can be configured in ‘Personal Settings’.
  • Adding a timeslip to a case note will reflect the date of the timeslip.


Online intake improvments
  • NEW: Filter on existing services to easily find cases.
  • NEW: Bcc emails can now be added to Firm Settings tab -> Online Intake -> General. All emails added here will be included to any email sent to a client through Online Intake.
  • Emails sent to clients for Online Intake, have invalid characters removed to prevent any errors.
  • Intake datasheets have been updated to include the service name as well as aesthetic changes to columns.
  • “Download Client Information” button takes you straight to your list of existing services.
  • Online intake menus have been broken up for better performance.
  • Deleting a service will no longer lock out that email from receiving future services.
  • Added a “Change Email Address” button for services.

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