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We can now inform TXdocs users with useful information when they are using TXdocs: A notification will automatically pop up when a message is shared with you. You can find these messages in the Utilities menu.


The Deadline Calculator calculates any deadline found in the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure and the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code. It will automatically adjust for weekends and state/county holidays. This was a TXdocsPlus only feature that we have now also made available to TXdocs users. Note: the Deadline Manager, which allows you to keep track of your selected deadlines, remains a TXdocsPlus only feature.


Print address labels for all your clients and/or contacts. This feature is found on the Clients and Cases menu tab.


The Probate heirship tree now prints an explanation of the interest of each heir.


Assembled letters can include your digital signature. This requires you to setup you digital signature to use an image. The /s/ digital signature is not supported for letters.


New report that shows all paid eFiling fees during a period. This new report was requested by several subscribers and can be found in the ‘Status All Cases window’ and the ‘Case Status’ window.

  • New deadline calculations have been added for the few deadlines that count backwards.
  • The asset division report now includes each party’s amount when the assets is sold or otherwise liquidated.
  • Added support for a new authentication process for Google Drive (Anywhere only)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented claims to be deleted in the Probate Asset management tool.
  • Assembly improvements:
    • Removed extra space in firm address.
    • Improved assembly when neither the plaintiff nor the respondent is the client.
    • Prevented showing duplicate errors/warnings when opening PDFs during assembly.
  • Improved the “Aged Receivables” report based on your suggestions: It will now – optionally – apply un-posted payments (unbilled) to the unpaid invoices instead of including it in the ‘unbilled’ column. This creates a more accurate overview of your accounts receivable.
  • Added a new filter by case type for monthly billing: you can now create monthly bills only for cases that match the selected case type filter.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the destination of a statement to be the trust account instead of the operating account when a client has multiple cases but not all cases have a trust account.
  • The integrity check is no longer required to be run monthly. The integrity check is still available in the Utilities menu.
  • Improved Billing Manager to prevent overlapping controls when the screen size is limited.
  • Improved the configuration of automatic timeslips and expense slips: TXdocs can be configured to automatically create an expense slip when your submission is accepted. It can also create a timeslip for a fixed duration or amount for each submission.
  • Clarified the error message that occurs when eFiling a document that is still open in a word processor or a PDF editor.
  • If eService is included in a filing, the user is prevented from submitting the documents if no eService recipients have been added yet.
  • Fixed an issue that did not load the user’s details when editing a user in Firm Management.
  • In firm setup we combined adding a user and an attorney into a single form to save you time.
  • Prevented unnecessary recalculation of fees when going back to the fees tab from the submit tab.
  • Fixed an issue that could occur when the court was changed after searching for a case.
  • It is now possible to set the default date range for the “Status All Cases” window and the “Case Status” window.
  • Improved the filing details report in the “Status All Cases” window and the “Case Status” window.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the calendar not to show all appointments when selecting a date on the Date Picker (right most column of the calendar window)
  • Fixed an error in the calendar if an appointment spanned years. Appointments can no longer span more than 90 days. If you need an appointment to recur for longer than 90 days, please use a recurring appointment instead.
  • The quick action button – located at the top of the Contacts Manager - for the Timer function has been moved to the left most position, to make this feature easier access.
  • Improved the overview of your active Online Intake services by no longer including completed services in the services list. Instead, those completed services are now accessible on their own tab.
  • Fixed an issue on the help customization tab that caused TXdocs to prompt to save changes when no textual changes were made
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some of the emails that Online Intake sends to include the BCC address if configured in the firm settings.

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