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New Chapter 2 Wills forms, expertly drafted by board certified estate planning and tax attorneys with over 40 years experience. Spouses' Wills mirror each other seamlessly.

Simple Wills

  • *Assembly for single testator or testator and spouse, not gender specified
  • *Option for treating stepchildren as descendants
  •  Inclusion of children born after the Will is executed
  •  Specific bequests
  •  Disinheritance of *unlimited descendants
  •  Options for disposition of the estate
  • *Disaster clause for undistributed assets
  •   Contingent Trust provisions
  • *Qualified Subchapter S Trust
  •   Spendthrift provision
  •   Granting of authority to executor to designate administrator
  •   Appointment of Trustees and successors
  • *Appointment of guardians and successors for minor children (previously limited to 1)
  • *Customizable survival period
  •   In Terrorem (No Contest) clause
  • *Letter of instruction regarding distribution of personal property and household effects
  • *Contact information for preparer of document
  • *Special Wills for Dynasty Trusts established for beneficiaries

* Provisions not included in original retired Wills. For those with current case files, the retired Wills can be found at the end of the Wills volume.

Tax Oriented Wills

All of the options in Simple Wills, plus:

  • Inclusion of home in the marital bequest to surviving spouse
  • Funding options for Upfront Marital formula, Upfront Bypass formula, or One-Lung QTIP
  • Options for distributions from trust (One-lung QTIP limited to For Life distribution for now)
    • For Life distribution
    •  Three point distribution
    • Lump sum distribution
  • Option for a Trust Committee
  • Provisions for Corporate and/or Co-Trustees
  • Powers of removal and appointment of trustees
  • Conduit language for retirement plans
  • Options for powers of appointment

Pourover Wills

This form was previously released as the Long Form Pourover Will but now works with Simple and Tax Planned Revocable Trusts in our Trusts Volume

Small Estate Will With Special Needs Trust

For single testator or married couple, creates a special needs trust for any child with a disability. It also includes an option for appointment of guardian for each child, disabled or minor

Other improvements:

Ancillary forms (powers of attorney, declarations, releases) are now storable as separate documents for testator and spouse

New forms:

  • Final Wishes
  • Survivorship Agreements
  • Stand alone Self-Proving Affidavit
  • Exhaustive Estate Planning Worksheet PDF
  • Client Intake Sheet
  • Letter of Instruction for Tax Oriented Wills



Child support calculator has been updated with numbers from AG’s 2022 tax charts.

Enhancements to existing forms:

  • Final Decree of Divorce – option for informal settlement conference for merger of agreement, option to partition federal income taxes for year of divorce (TFC 7.002(c))
  • Motion for Sanctions and Motion for Protective Order – clarified options during assembly
  • Nueces County Process Request Sheet updated
  • Added language to letter to client re: Initial Disclosures if using CWS

New forms:

  • Original Petition for Post-Decree Division of Property
  • Original Petition for Post-Decree QDRO
  • Return of Service on Individual, in Person


Improvements to existing form: Simple and Tax Planned Revocable Trusts now limited ability to remove a trustee to only a corporate trustee


New form: HUD-1 Addendum Letter



New form: Notice to Creditors by Newspaper Publication



Improvements to existing form: Added language to letter to client regarding Initial Disclosures if using CWS


criminal defense

Improvements to existing form: Motion for New Trial now allows for custom amount of time

New form: Letter to the Court (shell)


civil litigation

Improvements to existing form: Added language to letter to client regarding Initial Disclosures if using CWS

New forms:

  • Exhibit List
  • Return of Service on Individual, in Person
  • Notice of Hearing (standalone)



Improvements to existing forms:

  • Order for Independent Administration for Intestate:
    • added order for consent to power of sale
    • additional description of independent administrator without bond
    • changed “beneficiaries” to “distributees”
    • removed ad litem signature
  • Added zip codes to residence of Decedent
  • Beefed up language in unsworn declarations for Inventories
  • Appointment of Resident Agent – added specific code under which this form applies
  • Added Independent to title of 401.002b set
  • Name of other parent added to charts in applications and orders to determine heirship
  • Updated all IRS forms
  • Recipients of inventory specifically named in Affidavit in Lieu of Inventory
  • Verification optional in Applications for Muniment of Title

New form: Application and Order for Successor Administrator for Intestate

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