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The highly anticipated Norris Modern Probate has been released! Heirship and Intestate cases will be a breeze with our new Heirship Tree tool. The Decedent’s family history can be easily added and changed through the life of your case, and we will sort out the legitimate heirs, with their interest in the estate automatically calculated. All intake forms, applications, affidavits, and orders have been streamlined to minimize the work you have to input.

Enhancements to existing forms:

• Probating a Will more than 4 years after decedent’s death (with enhanced notice requirements)
• Probate of a Will not producible in court (specific language for a copy or lost Will)
• Discharge of ad litem in Determination of Heirship
• Improved statement regarding aggregate probable value of property
• All waivers allow for generating multiple forms for selected heirs
• Dynamic titles of documents ensure proper clerk citation
• Allowing for non-heir applicants
• Included option for decedent’s identifying information not known at the time of filing
• Automatic calculations of decedent’s age at death
• Added option for Determination of Heirship with no administration to Intestate Proof of Death
• Improved the Judgment Declaring Heirship findings and orders
• Option added for ad litem approval signatures in intestate orders
• Optional consent to power of sale in Waiver and Orders for Independent Administration
• Display of heirs, marriage history, and descendants in clear tables (replacing vertical listings)
• New Client Web Services form for Probate of a Will Intake
• Captions for probate matters in the litigation volume improved
• Specific description of Administrator With Will Annexed
• Small Estate Affidavit- language for homestead, option for witness attestation, improved display
• More forms have options for notary/clerk/unsworn declaration
• Statement of agreement added to Waiver of Notice and Consent to Independent Administration
• Updated and improved Permissive Notice to Unsecured Creditors

We have also included some new, specialized forms and forms requested by subscribers:

• Hourly Fee Agreement
• Flat Fee Agreement
• Application and Order for Post-Muniment Conversion, with Proof
• Motion and Order to Transfer Proceeding
• Waiver of Letters in Favor of Muniment of Title
• Initial Disclosures for Ad Litem
• Turnover of Will Demand Letter
• Motion and Order for Show Cause to Deliver Will
• Application for Access to Financial Records
• Affidavit Concerning Identity of Heirs for filing in real property records
• Affidavit of Service of Citation Affidavit of Death
• Inventory Worksheet for printing
• Intestate Intake Sheet with printable blank worksheet


New forms:

• Application and Order for Writ Authorizing Entry and Property Retrieval
• Affidavit – Certification of Application for Writ Authorizing Entry and Retrieval
• Writ Authorizing Entry and Property Retrieval
• Thrift Savings Plan PDF
• Cameron County Local Rules
• Willacy County Local Rules

Enhancements to existing forms:

• Updated alimony language in AITD and Premarital agreement per IRS Pub 504
• Added optional bankruptcy statement to Prove Up documents
• Modified medical support orders to include limit on reasonable necessary health care expenses
• Clarified instructions during assembly for interrogatories to prevent going over the allowable number
• Updated Harris County Order for Child Custody Evaluation
• Removed Harris County Mutual Injunction Standing Order
• Added grantee signature for owelty in Special Warranty Deed
• Added language to request for documents showing child’s preference regarding custody in Request for Inspection and Production
• Replaced references to Bureau of Vital Statistics with vital statistic unit/section
• Added all possession times to SPO’s 50 miles or less option


New forms:

• Cease and Desist Letter
• Request for Change of Address Information Needed for Service
• Request for Abstract of Judgment [and Writ of Execution]
• Abstract Judgment
• Petition for Accounting and Distribution
• Order for Accounting and Distribution
• Demand Letter – Partition
• Petition to Partition
• Original Answer – Partition
• Order – Special Exceptions to Petition to Partition
• Decree Ordering [Sale-Partition] of Property
• Writ of Partition
• Application and Order for Writ Authorizing Entry and Property Retrieval
• Affidavit – Certification of Application for Writ Authorizing Entry and Retrieval
• Writ Authorizing Entry and Property Retrieval
• Affidavit of Identity


New local forms:

• Walker County Standing Discovery Order
• Cooke County Petition for Occupational License

Enhancements to existing forms:
• Petition and Order for Expunction now allow for multiple offenses
• Improved Petition and Order for Occupational License to include more bases for suspension and other information
• Motion to Withdraw – additional withdrawal options


New forms:

• Certificate of Resolution
• Certificates of Conversion- Corporation to General Partnership/Limited Partnership/LLC
• Enhancements to current forms:
• Legislative update to Certificates of Formation per HB 3131, added mailing address for entity (effective January 1)
• Style and display improvements to all forms


New forms:

• Certificate of Resolution
• Seller’s Consent to Assignment
• Security Agreement
• Demand Letter – Partition
• Affidavit of Identity
• Homestead Affidavit as Release of Judgment Lien


• Added Affirmative Defenses/Verified Pleas to FE&D Answer

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