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  • New users are now invited to take a guided tour of the assembly process. In 1-2 minutes easy to follow prompts help the user to assemble a document.
  • The forms list has been improved to help you find the forms to assemble. When the forms list is collapsed, it displays a list of topics. When a topic is clicked, it automatically expands to show the forms within that topic. The list of forms can now be configured to open collapsed or expanded. This preference can be set in the personal settings of the settings menu.
  • QuickText is a feature that lets you use shortcuts to easily answer questions during assembly. We fixed an issue where certain fields could not be answered with QuickText.
  • The equalization amount in the Family Law Proposed Division tool remained disabled when the case did not have the equalization amount already set.
  • Sometimes the ‘Recently Assembled’ window would leave a lock in place for the case causing other TXdocs instances on the network to be denied access to that case.

  • When a case is added during assembly, we now automatically advance to the next step.
  • The reassemble button could popup an error message when a case was not selected in the contacts manager prior to clicking the button. We changed the error message to a helpful tip window that points to the contacts manager.
  • Reassemble button without a case selected opens a tooltip instead of showing an error message.

  • Significant speed improvement when downloading the details of an existing case. Downloading these details happens whenever you file into an existing case. This enhancement will noticeably improve the time it takes to eFile.
  • Firm Management now includes an option to set a default value for the ‘courtesy copies’. This allows you to easily provide colleagues with a copy of each filing.
    The validation of email addresses is improved to also catch email addresses that end with a period.
  • Some jurisdictions limit the number of attachments and/or proposed orders to 1. That limit is now checked before filing to prevent a rejection.
  • If you accidentally select the wrong court – for example when selecting a criminal court when filing a divorce petition - there might not be any valid categories to select for the filing. A clarifying message was added to explain why the categories list is empty.

  • The trust replenishment amount is displayed on the bill only when a trust amount is below the minimum trust level of the case. The replenishment amount can be hidden if needed.
  • Added a confirmation popup when deleting a timeslip to prevent accidental deletes.
  • When adding an expense slip, a case note can be easily added. The case note button did not correctly copy the expense slip description to the new case note.
  • The order of the hours billed report can now be specified when running the report.
  • New buttons have been added to the ‘actions’ tab to quickly add a timeslip or an expense slip for a case.

  • New buttons have been added to the bottom of the contacts manager to easily add and edit contacts and cases. The buttons can be collapsed to maximize the size of the contacts manager.
  • Opposing attorneys can now be edited by double clicking on the row in the contacts manager.
  • When removing a contact in the contacts manager, we no longer ask any documents should also be deleted when the contact has no case.
  • The Task Manager showed a ‘Mark Done’ button when it was not applicable.
  • We ensured all windows get updated if new items are added, like a new timeslip causes the Billing Manager to refresh its list with timeslips etc.

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