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  • Introducing the TXdocs Editor – a new way of reviewing your documents. TXdocs Editor seamlessly combines the time-saving processes found throughout TXdocs’ Document Automation solution with the familiar functionality of your favorite word processor. See this video for a brief overview of the editor’s capabilities:  The TXdocs Editor is an online application and is only available in our Anywhere products.
  • Middle name and Suffix have been added to the contacts/clients/prospects. These fields were requested by several subscribers and ensure that your client’s name is reflected correctly in TXdocs.
  • We’ve added a new training video about searching the forms library. You can check it out here:
  • Firm Central import: TXdocs will now import beginning balances, beginning trust balances, case notes, unbilled time slips and unbilled expense slips to make the transition to TXdocsPlus as seamless as possible.
  • NEW: Convenient way of resuming an assembly session: When ‘Quit and Save Answers’ is used during assembly, ‘Reassemble Documents’ will now list the form(s) that were saved but not assembled as a ‘pending document’. Just select the pending document and continue the assembly process.
  • NEW: Added a “Copy case with answers” option to the Contacts Manager for TXdocsPlus and ‘Clients & Cases’ for TXdocs. This new option duplicates a case along with the case answers. This facilitates scenarios where the same form(s) needs to be assembled with only minor differences. Set up 1 case as a base and then copy that case to fill in the details for each. An example would be a case where multiple trusts will need to be set up with only slight difference between them.
  • Improved adding heirs - entered in Online Intake and downloaded into TXdocs - to the Probate Heirship Tree.
  • New whitepaper explaining the details of the interest calculations of the delinquent support calculator. The whitepaper is available in the Delinquent Support Calculator which is available in the Tools, Practice Tools menu.
  • Updated the list of documents in the upload/download window to ensure that documents added by the editor are displayed.
  • Improved panel help during assembly – the labels in the help window now match the labels of the fields in the panel.
  • Improved Probate Accounting to support automatic updating of the cash balance when distributing cash. The beginning balance is updated automatically when starting a new accounting year or when starting the final accounting.
  • Removed the OK button from the Child Support Calculator to prevent accidental closing without selecting a case.
  • IMPROVED: The ‘Hours Billed’ report in the Billing Manager has undergone a major overhaul to provide more insight into the time spent on each case.
  • IMPROVED: Major speed improvement of loading clients with multiple cases in the Billing Manager
  • Improved handling of user assigned client numbers and case numbers. The contacts manager and the client and case lookups will no longer display the internal ID when there is no user assigned client number.
  • Added indication when found conflicts in the conflict checker are prospects.
  • Improved performance of the Outlook email integration in TXdocsPlus Classic.
  • Added option to include the full description of timeslips on the Billing Manager’s Account History Report and the Case History Report
  • Added option to include current case balance and current trust balance on the Case History Report in Billing Manager
  • Added option to print the summary of a prebill billing run.
  • Added ‘money order’ payment type to the payment form.
  • Prevented tracking the time during creation of a case note when entering a case note from a time slip.
  • Fixed an issue in Case Manager that caused the incorrect related contacts to be displayed
  • Improved display of calendar appointments from Google calendar that have html tags.
  • Improved the calendar’s appointment form: the end date automatically updates when the start date is changed.

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