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A fully integrated word processor that pairs the familiarity of Word® with TXdocs’ innovative Document Automation functionality.

With TXdocs Editor:

  • Form data is easier to identify for quicker review.
  • Editing one field updates other fields containing the same information.
  • Saved edits are used by TXdocs in subsequent case documents.
  • No more downloading documents to edit, and no more uploading to eFile.

Watch this quick introduction for more information.

  • Overhauled Probate Annual Accounting and Final Accounting – improved adding and distributing property
  • Overhauled Guardianship Accounting and Final Accounting – improved adding and distributing property
  • NEW: Cell phone number field for opposing counsel
  • Improved autocomplete to re-activate after completely removing the initial value
  • Fixed issue that could cause opposing counsel signature blocks to be listed in an assembled document after deleting the opposing counsel from the case.
  • Added new list of client names when listing all parties during assembly
  • Improved the display of form sets: the forms are listed in the same order as they are in the table of contents.
  • Changed the default spouse relationship to “Not Set” in the Probate Heirship Tree and added on screen instructions.
  • Clients & Cases: Renamed the buttons for closing a case and closing a contact to disambiguate them from the close button of the window.
  • Fixed issue in the Child Support Calculator that could cut off the obligation frequency.
  • Fixed issue in Online Intake’s Document Exchange that would cause TXdocs to lose focus or minimize when selecting a case.

Billing Improvements:

  • NEW: Optional wizard when adding a payment to prevent users from adding a payment when they should be using a trust deposit/transfer
  • Improved the rate schedules editor for easier maintenance
  • Overhauled Document Pricing for easier maintenance of the price per document
  • Added extra info about emailing statements in the statement print preview.
  • New descriptions and tooltips for some of the billing settings
  • Updated the billing tab in the case manager to match the account status of billing manager
  • Added case balance and trust balance to payment and trust dialogs
  • Ensured that time tracking windows no longer overlap
  • New confirmation dialog when discarding a timer that has more than 1 minute of tracked time to prevent inadvertent losing of that timespan.
  • Improved the Custom Statement Header Designer by ensuring that controls can’t be placed outside of the printable area

More Robust Trust Account Handling:

  • Added confirmation to dialogs when a transfer between a trust account and the operating account should be initiated. It’s important that users are aware when TXdocs records such a transfer because the money needs to be transferred
  • This confirmation requires the user to acknowledge that they know what amount needs to be transferred.
  • New option to add a trust transfer when money is deposited in the trust account and the case has a balance
  • New warnings to alert user when transferring incorrect amounts to the operating account

Billing Updates for Trust Accounts:

  • Prevent switching the target case of already added trust deposits and withdrawals
  • Fixed issue on the trust tab with deleting records using the right mouse click - it would clear the list.
  • Fixed incorrect total on the consolidated statement when a flat rate timeslip was the only timeslip on the 2nd case.

TXdocsPlus Improvements:

  • Fixed an issue in the IMAP Email manager that prevented dropping an email onto a case
  • New option to create a client/contact when adding a related contact to a case in Case Manager
  • NEW: Automatic download of the time stamped documents when a filing is accepted. The time stamped documents are downloaded to a subfolder of the case folder.
  • Improved the list of documents to simplify picking the correct version of documents: the last modification date is visible in the list and the list can be sorted by this date.
  • Fixed an issue with printing the details of an envelope when the print spanned multiple pages.

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