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Form Enhancements (TXdocs & TXdocsPlus)

New Forms:

  • Civil Litigation was updated with 60 forms including TRO and Injunction forms, Discovery forms, various Dismissal forms, a variety of Unsworn Declarations and Affidavits, and more motions and orders.
  • Criminal Defense was enhanced with approximately 10 motions and orders regarding Insanity, Waiver of Attendance, Handwriting Expert, Unsworn Declarations, and Verifications.
  • Family Law received a mixture of forms for Dismissals, Expert Witness Designation, Unsworn Declaration, and Affidavits, as well as a Joint Motion and Order for Nonsuit and the addition of a standalone Certificate of Conference that includes an agreed option.
  • Guardianship was enhanced with added orders Approving/Disapproving Inventories,  Annual Accounts, and Unsworn Declarations.
  • Our Probate volume now includes a Letter Advising Administrator Intestate Regarding Duties.
  • Also, our Real Estate volume now has the HUD-1 Addendum Letter for Settlement Statement added

Updates & Improvements to Existing Forms:

  • Family Law received an improved Response to Request for Production that also allowed for cases with multiple opposing counsels and for Sole Managing Conservator the option for geographic restrictions has been provided.
  • In Criminal Defense, we provided for flexible court type selection by making all court types visible for all counties in response to a subscriber request.
  • In several Probate forms, we changed titles in affidavits and certificates of notice/service to included “Compliance.” Also, added options for agreement or consent to Independent Administrator.
  • In our Landlord Tenant volume we edited the Residential Lease to allow late fees after two full days only, not just one, per new legislation.


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