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Document Assembly Enhancements (TXdocs & TXdocsPlus)

Software Enhancements:

  • Automatic saving of your answers during document assembly: TXdocs automatically saves your data when you are assembling documents. In case of an event such as a power failure, TXdocs has you covered. It will automatically prompt you to restore data when applicable.
  • Generate a worksheet to help you gather all the required information from your client: Just select the documents you want to assemble and TXdocs will generate a file that you can open in your word processor. This worksheet contains all the questions needed for the documents. You can use this worksheet during intake sessions or email them to your client to save time.

Other Improvements:

  • Signature block: Used in assembled documents, contains text that is replaced during assembly with case specific information. Editing the signature block has been improved to prevent errors in assembled documents.
  • Certificate of service: Would occasionally cut off the name of the client during assembly, and has now been fixed.
  • Child support calculator: Improved to check if party's income exceeds the maximum amount covered by the Attorney General's tax charts.
  • Starting document assembly: You can now also use double click to select a case.
  • Inventory export: Is no longer dependent on Excel. The export will still generate Excel files. You can now export a divorce inventory from the Inventory tool or from the Proposed Division tool.


Practice Management Enhancements (TXdocsPlus & TXpractice)

Software Enhancement:

  • Our new PhoneSlips feature will help you keep track of all phone calls: You can link a case, set a callback action and add a note. Phoneslips are visible in the Today-at-a-Glance pane on the right side of the main TXdocsPlus and TXpractice screen.

Other Improvements:

  • Today-at-a-Glance: The overview of your appointments, tasks and phone slips on the main window of TXdocsPlus and TXpractice, is now resizable.
  • Calendar view: Can now be saved to a PDF.
  • Preview of reports: Can now be sent to anyone by email.
  • Customizable invoice layout improved: The size of multi-line text controls is now optimized for the actual length of the text, and controls are prevented from overlapping.
  • Monthly billing run: Certain credit invoices could cause the total amount billed to be incorrect. This did not affect the statements -- only an incorrect total on the screen, and has now been fixed.

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