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Document Assembly Enhancements (TXdocs & TXdocsPlus)

Software Enhancements:

Client Web Services gets a major overhaul: The tool that your clients enter their intake and inventory information online has been upgraded with the following improvements:

  • A intake and inventory forms for Probate and intake forms for Wills.
  • Customization options that allow you to modify the website your clients see to look more like your firm's website -- upload a logo, customize the header, and change the welcome text/explanation and help text.
  • Preview option to view the results of your customization efforts.
  • Option to log in to the online tool as if you were your client to better assist them, even allowing you to modify their answers if necessary.
  • Re-open a completed service if your client needs to add additional information.
  • New service overview in the online tool.
  • Improved support for the Family Law State Bar Forms.
  • Added multiple fields to the Family Law intake and inventory forms.

Other Improvements:

  • Filter list of forms by topic: Simply select a topic at the top of the list where you select forms to assemble.
  • Filtering options: Added to all client/case selection screens.
  • Assembling without a case: We no longer ask you to save answers.
  • Visually impaired users: Improved feedback to screen readers.
  • Civil Litigation pleading signature block: Will include 'Attorney for: defendants/plantiffs'
  • Certificate of service: Component no longer occasionally removes service type of previous attorney when adding a new one.
  • Autocomplete feature: When entering case details during assembly autocomplete will no longer interfere when modifying answers, will now respect changes to the case of the letters.
  • Document format wizard: Has been optimized based on user feedback.
  • Help screen during assembly: Would sometimes show an incomplete help text due to incorrect font, now also includes all question help texts.
  • Dragging case onto assembly button: Case can now be changed after dragging onto the assembly button.
  • Officials directory window: No longer jumbles after clicking to an official's website.
  • Display of certain forms: No longer duplicates display in alphabetical overview of available forms.
  • Local forms tab display: No longer shows for practice areas that do not support local forms.


Practice Management Enhancements (TXdocsPlus & TXpractice)

Billing Improvements:

  • Time slips: Can now enter with a duration up to 99 hours and 59 minutes, flat fee time slips no longer require a duration, and pro bono time slips no longer force a duration to 0 and instead the rate is 0 allowing you to still keep track of the time spent.
  • Price lists: You can now specify different rates for each staff member and then assign these price lists to cases where you want to charge different rates other than the default rates.
  • Reprinting statements: No longer get 'PDF1 read error' message.
  • Undo bill button: Will now ask for confirmation before undoing the bill.
  • Custom billing layout: Now supports 5 lines for the address box by default.
  • New report: List all unbilled items for all clients in a date range and includes subtotals per timekeeper.
  • Invoice numbering: When using the new invoice numbering, you can now configure the start number.
  • Case notes report: Timestamp no longer overlaps text on report.
  • Excluding cases from monthly billing: Now allows you to exclude cases that have no activity rather than a 0 balance.
  • Expense slips: Added 'Expense types' to hold expense types you frequently use so that by selecting the expense type your expense slips automatically populate.
  • Closed cases: Bills for closed cases are now highlighted in monthly billing run and a warning displays when closing a case that has an active balance.

Calendar Improvements:

  • Customized overview: Choose Sunday or Monday as start day and this setting is no longer dependent on the preferred view.
  • Report: Modified to optionally include tasks and deadlines.
  • Moving recurring appointments in group mode: Will automatically move it for all participants of that meeting and no longer asks redundant questions.
  • Changing meeting from group to individual and vice versa: Can be accomplished by removing or adding members.
  • Tasks list: Now possible to hide task list to maximize size of calendar, can also view tasks from the Today-at-a-Glance window and in the Task Manager.

Other Improvements:

  • New settings: Allow you to control which tasks and deadlines should be visible in the Today-at-a-Glance window.
  • Security feature: Supervisor users can only be modified/removed by other supervisors, system prevents the removal of the last supervisor as at least 1 supervisor is required, when starting to use the security feature the current user is automatically set as supervisor and all other users will default to a regular users profile, enhanced security by requiring a username and password to open TXdocsPlus or TXpractice.
  • Contact manager: Can now be configured to start with a default filter: only show cases of a certain attorney or only show cases of a certain case type. 
  • Sending emails to clients: Now automatically adds the email address of the client when needed.
  • Access to timer option: Users that are not allowed to add time slips no longer have access to the timer option.

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