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Form Enhancements (TXdocs & TXdocsPlus)

LAST NIGHT, TXdocs released 2021 Legislative Updates effective September 1, 2021, including new forms and edits to existing forms in almost all practice areas!  This time TXdocs released 130 new forms, and more than 150 enhancements and improvements were made to existing forms.

NOTE:  These 2021 Legislative updates do NOT apply to those few of you who have elected to use the State Bar Family forms. The State Bar usually updates the Family Law forms in the spring or summer the following year (2022) after the September 1 Legislative Update. For those of you using those forms, we will make the update available to you as soon as the State Bar releases its next update.


Real Estate - Over 45 New Forms

  • Partition Deed
  • Grantee’s Acceptance of Deed
  • Survivorship Agreement
  • Survivorship Agreement Community Property
  • Option to Purchase
  • Bill of Sale
  • Blanket Bill of Sale
  • Easement Agreement for Access
  • Sight Draft
  • Motion for Judicial Review of Conveyance Instrument (Leg. Update SB30)
  • Judicial Findings and Conclusions (Leg. Update SB30)
  • Owelty of Partition Agreement
  • Right of First Offer Agreement
  • Right of First Refusal
  • Community Interest Special Warranty Deed
  • Access and Due Diligence Agreement
  • Escrow Agent Receipt and Escrow Agreement
  • Assumed Name Certificate for Incorporated Business or Profession
  • Assumed Name Certificate for Unincorporated Business or Profession
  • Residential Condo (TREC form)
  • Asbestos Disclosure
  • Notice Regarding Insulation to New Home
  • Notice of Obligation to Pay Public Improvement District Assessment
  • Notice for Unimproved Property in a Certificated Service Area of a Utility Service
  • Notice of Water Level Fluctuations
  • Notice to Purchaser of Property in Area of Transportation Project
  • Notice to Purchaser of Property in Annexed Water District
  • Notice Regarding Possible Liability for Addition Taxes
  • Notice Regarding Possible Annexation
  • Notice Regarding Sale to a Recorded Lien
  • Notice to Cosigner
  • Utility District Notice
  • Property Owner’s Notice of Protest
  • Transfer of Escrow Funds
  • Waiver of Consumer Rights
  • Notice of Nonrepresentation
  • Letter of Intent
  • Letter Declining Representation
  • Letter to Current Client – Potential Conflict
  • Letter for Completion of Attorney-Client Relationship
  • Letter of Terminating Attorney-Client Relationship
  • Letter for Intermediary Representation
  • Letter to Former Client – Potential Conflict
  • Letter to Members of Entity – Potential Conflict
  • Letter to Potential Client – Multiple Representation
  • Standby Letter of Credit

Civil Litigation - 32 New Forms

  • Motion for Mediation
  • [Agreed] Order Referring Case to Mediation
  • Motion to Compel Mediation (DTPA)
  • Order Compelling Mediation
  • Response to DTPA Demand
  • Rejection to DTPA Demand [option for counter]
  • Affidavit Certification of Settlement Rejection (DTPA)
  • Plea in Abatement (DTPA)
  • Order Granting Plea in Abatement (DTPA)
  • Response to Plea in Abatement (DTPA)
  • Order Denying Plea in Abatement (DTPA)
  • Judgment (DTPA)
  • Motion to Appoint Receiver with Show Cause Order (DTPA)
  • Order for Appointment of Receiver (DTPA)
  • DTPA Waiver of Rights
  • [Motion for Temporary Sealing Records and ]Motion to Seal Records
  • Affidavit to Seal Records
  • Order to Seal Records
  • Order Denying the Sealing of Court Records
  • Order Denying Motion to Temporary Seal Court Records
  • Response to Temporary Motion to Seal Records
  • Response to Motion to Seal Records
  • Response to Motion to Seal Records Intervenor
  • Motion to Reconsider Order to Seal Court Records
  • Order Granting Motion for Separate Trial
  • Standing Orders for Jack and Wise Counties

Family Law - 40 New Forms

  • Motion for Separation of Wireless Telephone Service Account (Leg. Update HB1372)
  • Order for Separation of Wireless Telephone Service Account (Leg. Update 1372)
  • Affidavit of Identity
  • Original Petition to Annul Underage Marriage
  • Respondent’s Original Answer to Petition to Annul
  • Waiver of Service Annulment
  • Waiver of Service – Underage Marriage
  • Decree of Annulment of Underage Marriage
  • Step Down Income Withholding Order Addendum
  • Standing Orders for multiple counties: Bandera, Bastrop, Brazos, Bosque, Camp, Chambers, Colorado, Delta, Fannin, Fisher, Frio, Gillespie, Gonzales, Grimes, Hunt, Karnes, Kerr, LaSalle, Morris, Navarro, Titus, Walker, Waller, Wharton, Wilson, and Young
  • Texas – Record of Support – (Harris, Dallas, Tarrant, El Paso, Travis, and Taylor)

Landlord/Tenant • Guardianship • Criminal - New Forms

  • Letter to Client for Initial Disclosure (Landlord/Tenant)
  • Initial Disclosures (Landlord/Tenant)
  • Request for Compliance of Initial Disclosures (Landlord/Tenant)
  • Plaintiff’s Petition for Ex Parte Writ of Restoration of Utility Services (Landlord/Tenant)
  • Notice of Transfer of Security Deposit (Landlord/Tenant)
  • Declaration of Guardian (Guardianship) (Leg. Update SB626)
  • Declaration of Temporary Guardian (Guardianship)(Leg. Update SB626)
  • Hunt County Standing Order (Criminal)
  • Motions and Orders for Zoom Hearing in multiple practice areas

Legislative Updates & Improvements to Existing Forms:

Over 150 Enhancements/Improvements/Updates


  • Added date of marriage to divorce decree (Leg. Update HB3774)
  • New warning language in protective orders (Leg. Update HB39)
  • Added definition of “earnings” in income withholding order (Leg. Update HB458)
  • Added option to pay spousal maintenance to SDU with child support (Leg. Update SB286)
  • Added option for interpreter to assist child custody evaluator (Leg. Update HB3009)
  • New section for conservators living less than 50 miles apart – SPO (Leg. Update SB1936)
  • Death of conservator option-Temporary Orders and Order in Modification (Leg. Update HB1849)
  • Enforcement of child support - child, medical, dental support arrearages (Leg. Update SB286)
  • Added low income calculation to child support guidelines
  • Added option for right of first refusal for possession
  • Added option for request for mutual injunctions in divorce, SAPCR, grandparents, and modification chapters
  • Modified Petition for Name Change to protect those in the address confidentiality program
  • Numerous edits as to clarity of questions, captions, and options
  • Pro se parties option in included Initial Disclosures
  • Zoom hearing option in Notice of Hearing


  • Change language for maximum term of trusts-Rules Against Perpetuities (Leg. Update HB654)
  • Improvements to Generation-Skipping Trust (GST)
  • Added homestead election language

Wills - Guardianship - Civil Litigation - Real Estate - Criminal - Family

  • Wills – Added hot powers of attorney and co-agents options to statutory power of attorney
  • Wills – “Prepared by” and “return to” added to powers of attorney
  • Guardianship – Option for approving and/or confirming sale of real estate (Leg. Update SB626)
  • Guardianship - Wavier of training option for guardians (Leg. Update SB626)
  • Guardianship – Oaths of Guardian/Temporary Guardian new language (Leg. Update SB626)
  • Civil Litigation -Attorney’s fees- to include Section 38.001 TCPR (Leg. Update HB2416)
  • Civil Litigation - Updated options for approve as to form and/or substance
  • Civil Litigation and Family – Client Web Services (CWS) Initial Disclosures added
  • Real Estate - Added option in Deeds of Trust and Notes to add Note maturity date
  • Real Estate - Added option to include disclaimer language for title search
  • Criminal - Zoom hearing option in motions and orders for Notice of Hearing
  • Family – Client Web Service (WS) includes non-divorce client intake

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