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Prospects are prospective clients that can now be added to TXdocs.

Online Intake questionnaires, including new questionnaires that have been added specifically for prospective clients, can be conveniently sent to prospects when creating/updating the prospect. When downloading an Online Intake questionnaire for a prospect, the prospect’s information such as name, address and phone number are updated. There is also a manual option to convert a prospect to a client.

In TXdocsPlus, prospects can be used for phone slips, sending/receiving emails, and calendar appointments.


  • Fixed an issue with the calculation of surviving spouse and sibling/nibling interests.
  • Saving the heirship tree will no longer unselect the selected heir.
  • The search results when searching for a form now display any results in other practice areas directly below the results of the selected practice area.
  • The ‘Find a Form’ window has been updated to use the new form selection screen. ‘Find a form’ will now automatically start on the last used practice area.
  • The new form selection is now also used when selecting forms for form sets.
  • Fixed an issue with form sets not showing when a form on that was no longer available.
  • The Excel export of the Family Law Proposed Division tool has been improved. Colors have been added to improve the readability. The formulas have been updated to ensure all values are recalculated when changes are made in the document.
  • Fixed an issue where the Proposed Division tool could sometimes add the wrong type of asset when using the right mouse popup menu on a different asset type than the one that was currently selected.
  • The questionnaire list during assembly has been removed to increase the available screen space.
  • Improved the deadline windows to improve the date entry, it will now accept 2 and 4 digits for the year of the date.
  • Included Add, Edit, and Delete buttons to each list in the Billing Manager’s Account Detail tab for easier management of the billing entries for a case.
  • Improved alignment of hours on the invoices that TXdocs creates. The hour time was not always aligned with the time per time slip.
  • The case manager could be closed unexpectedly when hitting the space bar on the documents tab.
  • Added a new footer in the court exhibit report that shows the time spent per staff member.
  • When no rate schedule is applied, TXdocs applies the base rate for each staff member. To reduce confusion, the drop list of rate schedules on the ‘edit case’ screen displays “Base Rates” from now on when no specific rate schedule has been selected.
  • Prevented an error when clicking on an email in the Google inbox in TXdocs after deleting an email in a gmail window.

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