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Document Assembly Enhancements (TXdocs & TXdocsPlus)

  • Opposing Attorney component has been enhanced: It will now save selected attorneys to the case, enabling easy selection of the same attorneys in subsequent documents for this case.
  • Re-assembling PDF forms: Occasional multiple token loading errors have been corrected.
  • Loan Amortization tool report: Has been reviewed to prevent words from being cut-off.
  • New safety feature added: Prevents multiple PCs from assembling documents for the same case at the same time, preventing possible data corruptions in your case data.
  • Assembly: Corrected issue with automatic new lines in tables sometimes preventing the user from going to the next panel.
  • Assembly on a panel with a required question: Validation alerting the user that the question had not been answered has been corrected.
  • Child Support tool: Updated the report to display the correct Attorney General's cap on net resources used in the calculations for the Child Support tool.
  • Autocomplete bug corrected: If the first field on a spawn panel was autocomplete enabled and the user removed a trailing space, it could happen that the answer was not saved.
  • Anywhere/Cloud version: The redactor feature is now supported on Anywhere when the word processor is set to ‘Word’.

Practice Management Enhancements (TXdocsPlus & TXpractice)


  • New statements can be previewed prior to completing the statement(s). The new print preview window allows canceling the statements, enabling the preview to be used as a final check before printing. The preview window also allows to select emailing and/or printing of the statements. As before, every statement will always be saved as a PDF in the client’s folder.
  • The custom layout designer would generate an error when looking at a preview that should use invoice numbering.
  • Minor display issue on the summary page after running monthly billing.


  • Added a print feature to easily print 1 phone slip or a range of phone slips.
  • Added easy selection of known contacts of a case when creating a new phone slip.
  • Fixed some minor display issues.
  • Fixed drag-and-drop of a case.
  • Adding immediate refresh of the phone slips pane on the today-at-a-glance window.
  • Phone slips can no longer be closed twice.
  • When the timer is running and the user is creating a phone slip, the new timeslip will automatically get “phone call” as a description when the timeslip button is clicked.
  • New button to copy the notes on a phone slip to the case notes.
  • Phone slips of equal priority show in descending order by date.

Other Enhancements:

  • New option to run the case history report for a specific date range.
  • The logged-in user is automatically selected for the phone slips pane in the today-at-a-glance window. This pane will now also respond correctly to switching to a group of users.
  • The timer has been improved to allow time slips with a 1-minute increment.
  • The close button of the child support calculator now allows for the option to continue assembling.

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