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  • Child Support Delinquency Calculator: Improved date entry and fixed an issue in the calculation of interest. If a delinquent obligation was accruing interest but at some point should no longer be included in the interest calculation, the calculated interest amount was incorrect.
  • Probate Heirship Tree: improved resizing of the window to maximize available space, improved prompt for surviving spouse.
  • Sending email from TXdocs Classic: emails can now be sent using an email service that TXdocs manages to simplify email configuration. Email configuration for sending emails is increasingly hard due to more stringent anti-spam measures. Switching to TXdocs’ email service is an easy alternative.
  • Autocomplete of fields during assembly: fixed an issue when an incorrect value could be returned when only part of the value was selected.
  • In-App-Messaging now includes the ability to re-read previous messages by using the ‘All’ link at the top of the screen.
  • Redactor: Fixed an issue to ensure the ‘Open all’ button will open all assembled and redacted versions of the documents.
  • Improved the PDF preview button in the assembly screen to clarify how to assemble a PDF form.
  • Improved the address format for opposing counsel when used in a form.
  • Added warning regarding the removal of support for the Texas Family Law Practice Manual forms on April 1, 2024.
  • NEW - Document Exchange: It’s no longer required to send a questionnaire to a client before you can use the secure Document Exchange feature.
  • Document Exchange: Downloading a document from a prospect automatically creates the client and case folder to prevent download failures. Also improved readability of the file lists.
  • Intake Download: When downloading an intake of a prospect the name of the client can be changed. TXdocs will now automatically also modify the name of the client and case folder.
  • NEW: Deleting documents during the document selection step allows for easy maintenance of the case folder – you can delete old versions of documents to keep the folder clean.
  • Improved error messages by relaying the error from the state system in addition to our own explanation.
  • Contacts Manager: Improved searching through opposing counsel – the search now works the same as searching clients and cases.
  • Calendar: When creating a timeslip from an appointment, the timeslip will now default to the duration of that appointment and to the date of that appointment.
  • Billing Manager: Improved sorting of the lists on the account details tab.

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