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TXdocs makes it easy to get started with confidence.

Reference the tabs below:

We invite you to utilize any or all of our free online training options:


1. Live Online Personalized Tour

SPECIAL OFFER: Take advantage of our free personalized online training during your trial, and you will receive a 25% discount on your first 3 months should you decide to subscribe! Availability is limited, so we encourage you to access your TXdocs account using your firm id (TX####) and password to request a personalized tour under Learning Center>Schedule Free Training, or call 210-253-9506 to schedule.


2. CLE Accredited Video Webinars

Our CLE accredited video webinars give attorneys and paralegals the ability to obtain a FREE CLE credit by attending one of our regularly scheduled prerecorded video options.  Sign up for a CLE accredited training.


3. on Demand Videos

Access your TXdocs account and select Learning Center>Training videos from the menu bar to watch free on demand tutorial videos. These and other helpful videos are also located on our Informational Videos website page


Take FULL advantage of TXdocs' document automation software -- from your initial client intake . . . to document assembly . . . to eFiling of your client documents.


View these short videos to learn more:
  • Document Assembly - Thousands of fully automated forms designed to reduce document preparation time and errors.
  • Online Intake – Use a secure portal to collect your client's case intake information (inventories, financial statements and initial disclosures) and then download into TXdocs to use throughout their case. 
  • Integrated eFiling - eFile directly through TXdocs and skip the hassle with other eFiling systems. 
See tips below to use TXdocs Anywhere like a pro:
  • Understanding TXdocs Anywhere: TXdocs Anywhere is simply TXdocs running on an internet server instead of your computer. When you subscribe, we create and assign a virtual computer to you on our main server. All of your client data and assembled documents are stored on your virtual computer. If you request extra licenses, we create an additional virtual computer for each license. All of your virtual computers share your firm's data and client information.
  • Connecting to TXdocs Anywhere: You can access your TXdocs account via the Login link at the top of our TXdocs website homepage using your assigned Firm ID (TX#### -- cannot be changed) and Password (can be edited at anytime). When changing your password, please allow 5 - 10 minutes before attempting to access your account.
  • Copy/Paste in TXdocs Anywhere: Because there are 2 clipboards involved -- your virtual computer you are logged into and the other computer you are logged in from -- you need to use the keyboard shortcuts to copy/paste. On Windows PCs use Ctrl-C to copy and Ctrl-V to paste. On Macs use the right command-C and the right command-V. (View tutorial)
  • Editing Completed Documents: Since TXdocs Anywhere is running on the internet, we do not have direct access to the licensed copy of Word or WordPerfect installed on your computer. To edit your completed documents you can either:
    1. Link TXdocs to a remote drive (View tutorial), or
    2. Download documents to your computer and open/edit them in Word or WordPerfect, or
    3. Use the online version of OpenOffice we provide to edit your documents. (Note: We do not recommend using OpenOffice if you need/want to open/edit documents in Word or WordPerfect. OpenOffice is not compatible with other word processors and can cause issues.)
    4. WordPerfect Users: Before you assemble your first document, go to Settings>Personal Settings>General on your TXdocs account main menu and select WordPerfect as your word processor. If your downloaded documents do not open in WordPerfect, contact for assistance.
  • Printing: TXdocs Anywhere is running on the internet and does not have access to your office printers. When you wish to print a document:
    1. Click Print.
    2. Choose "Universal printer (redirected . . .)" and a .pdf file will be created and displayed on your screen.
    3. Print this file on your local printer. (Note: The original file is still stored on your virtual computer.)

A few reasons you can feel confident about your decision to try TXdocs:


1. We offer a 3-month money back guarantee.

We are so confident that our products and service will far exceed your expectations that we now provide a money back guarantee to any new subscriber.  There are only two requirements to take advantage of this offer:

1. The attorney or assistant in your firm primarily responsible for using TXdocs must accept a free customized one-on-one introductory tour of TXdocs; and

2. You must notify us of your decision to cancel within 90 days after the date of your subscription.

If you meet both of those conditions and you feel TXdocs is not worth much more than the monthly subscription cost, then we will (sadly) cancel your subscription and refund all subscription payments made by you.

It’s that simple!

(NOTE:  TXdocs reserves the right to withdraw or modify this offer at anytime.)

2. We never lock you into a long-term contract.

All our subscriptions are month-to-month and can be modified or cancelled at anytime. 

3. You can use TXdocs for free while in a Thomson Reuters Form builder or Prodoc contract.

Call 210-253-9506 about using TXdocs for free until your current Thomson Reuters Form Builder or ProDoc contract expires. We can even assist you with notifying Thomson Reuters of your cancelation at renewal time. Just send a copy of your signed and dated contract to and specify if you wish for us to assist you with the cancelation.

4. We help you import your client data to TXdocs.

If you are using ProDoc or FirmCentral, TXdocs can import your client/case list. If you are currently using other software such as Clio, MyCase, TimeSlips, or Abacus -- which allows you to export to CSV or Excel -- we can help you import your client/case list into TXdocs. Contact or call 210-253-9506 and ask for tech support.

5. Our subscriptions come with free Texas-based service and support.

TXdocs includes free TEXAS-BASED friendly service and tech support so please don't hesitate to call 210-253-9506 Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm CST. We are here to help!

This product is GREAT! It saves me time, is very easy to use, and is MUCH BETTER than ProDoc.

Johnelle R. Peer - Dallas, TX

I just can't say enough good things about TXdocs -- the forms, the software and the service are all fantastic."

Al Alonso - San Antonio, TX

"I've never seen anyone else provide so much value for such a low cost. I just don't know how they do it!"

- Rush Wells, Attorney - Littlefield, TX

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