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At TXdocs®, we take security or your information and your client's information seriously. Here are some of the things we do to give you and us peace of mind in knowing everything is secure "......

Secure Internet Transmissions

Anytime your data or your client's data is being transmitted to us, we use a secure encrypted internet connection. The technical name for this is Secure Socket Layer ("SSL"). Before being transmitted, the data is encrypted and then un-encrypted at the other end using a third party SSL service. Our SSL service provider is Comodo Group Inc.

Credit Card Information

When you place a new subscription order with us, we ask you to provide credit card information. We do not store this information on any of our servers. Instead, we use Authorize.NET - one of the world's leading credit card processing companies - to handle all credit card processing for us.

Client Data Is Fully Protected

When your clients provide you with information using our Client Internet Services, that information is stored in an individual fully encrypted data file, waiting for you to securely download it. Since each client has their own separate data file, your clients' data is never mixed with any other client's data, whether that client is yours or some other attorney's.

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