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Per Case Subscription

HOW does it work?

Per case subscription options best accommodate attorneys who prefer to pass on case costs to clients or who anticipate drafting documents for two or less new cases per month.

The base monthly subscription fee includes access to general and applicable practice area specific tools for all cases and is billed at the beginning of each monthly billing cycle regardless of the number of cases created.

Document assembly is available for an additional one time per case fee of $29.95 + tax for the life of each new case as long as the monthly subscription is maintained. New case fees are usually billed in the following month's billing cycle. 

Below is an example cost cycle using our TXdocsPlus Complete System Per Case subscription where one new case is created half way through the first month's billing cycle:

  • Day 1, 1st Month: Subscription activated: Due $49.95 (base subscription) + tax
  • Day 15, 1st Month: New case created
  • Day 23, 1st Month: Receive bill via email for upcoming 2nd Month Subscription
  • Day 1, 2nd Month: Due $49.95 (base subscription) + $29.95 (new case) + tax

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