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Form Enhancements (TXdocs & TXdocsPlus)


PROBATE - over 100 New Forms 

  • Application for Probate of Will 401.002b (agreed to independent administrator)
  • Distributee's Agreement for Ancillary Independent Administration
  • Application to Mortgage Minor's Interest
  • Application for Ancillary Probate of Foreign Will: Issue Letters Testamentary
  • Application to Set Aside Report of Sale and Order Approving Sale
  • Agreement Concerning Deposits
  • Statement of Facts for Disinterested Witnesses
  • Application for Authority to Engage-Employ
  • Application to Deposit Funds Into Registry
  • Application to Make Partial Distribution of Estate Assets
  • Application to Withdraw Funds to Pay Comptroller
  • Matching Orders for each Application
  • Amendment or Supplement to Pleading
  • Chapter 456 Agreement Regarding Decedents Trust and Escrow
  • Notify Debtor of Future Payments
  • Response to Attempt to Collect Deficiency
  • Verified Exhibit Showing Condition of the Estate
  • Assignment of Interest
  • Waiver of Notice and Citation: Will Not Produced
  • Waiver of Notice Sec. 202.056
  • Report of Contract for Sale of Real Property/Personal Property
  • Application to Set Aside Order Confirming Sale
  • Proof of Subscribing Witness's Signature
  • Report of Attorney Ad Litem
  • Claim Form to Creditor
  • Agreement Concerning Deposits
  • Permissive Notice to Unsecured Creditor
  • Distribution Deed
  • Over 50 Letters/Affidavits/Certified Copies


  • Notice of Appearance of Plaintiff
  • Petition for Eviction
  • Certificate of Last Known Address
  • Order on Notice of Default (possession)
  • Default Final Judgment (possession only)
  • Notice of Default and Motion for Possession
  • Application for Writ of Re-Entry
  • Request for Writ of Possession
  • Final Judgment After Default (with rent)
  • Order on Motion to Withdraw Funds from Court Registry
  • Cash Deposit for Appeal
  • Affidavit for Attorney's Fees
  • Affidavit of Damages: Tarrant


  • Judgment to Quiet Title
  • Motion to Consolidate
  • Order Granting Motion to Consolidate
  • Notice of Submission
  • Response to Motion to Consolidate
  • Order Denying Motion to Consolidate
  • Letter: Billing Records Request to Hospital
  • Letter: Transmitting Funds to Provider
  • Letter: Information Request of Treating Physician
  • Letter: Records Request of Treating Physician
  • Letter: Medical Records Request to Hospital
  • Letter: Request and Notification to Provider
  • Provider Letter of Protection
  • Request for Compliance with Initial Disclosures
  • Notice of Zoom Meeting Hearing (multiple practice areas)

FAMILY LAW - 14 New Forms 

  • Request for Compliance with Initial Disclosures
  • Petition to Recover Balance of Child Support Obligations from Deceased
  • Judgment for Remainder of Child Support from Decease Obligor
  • Affidavit of Military Status
  • Standing Orders: Bee, Bell, Live Oak, McMullen, Polk, San Jacinto, San Patricio Counties


  • Certification of Reinstatement of Professional Association (SOS 814)


Other Updates & Improvements to Existing Forms


  • New captions in Civil Litigation volume to allow for forms to be used in Probate litigation matters (including special El Paso County captions)
  • Additional information for Client Web Services
  • Improved Probate Intake Sheet, with blank form to print out for clients
  • Added option for appointed co-executors
  • Added option for attorney pleading signatures in many forms
  • Fixed issues with naming heirs according to laws of descent and distribution
  • Added language to applications and orders for filing more than 4 years after death
  • Fixed issues with references to Letters Testamentary and Letters of Administration
  • Differentiated applications and orders for independent administrations by statute
  • Added optional perjury statement in affidavits
  • Improved order language regarding 308.001 requirements
  • Added option for unsworn declarations in oaths and other forms
  • Heirship documents:
    • Expanded language for findings and orders if there is no administration (Section 202.205)
    • Added options for no specified basis for necessity of administration/no necessity of administration
    • Added option for unsworn declaration in application
    • Added Medicaid language to Judgment
  • Made Applicant signatures optional for applications to probate Will
  • Added bond language in intestate docs
  • Made formatting of letters consistent throughout volume
  • Made judgment for ad litem optional in heirship/intestate orders
  • Improved application and order for Temporary Administration
  • Domicile address of Decedent at time of death added to applications and orders
  • Added options for witnesses and methods of verification in Affidavit Concerning Identity of Heirs
  • Improved references to roles of personal representatives
  • Added option for bond amount to be filled in after printing
  • Improved Muniment of Title chapter, including language for filing of affidavit of fulfillment and inventory and appraisement
  • Added relationship of heirs and devisees in Muniment of Title (Will Not Produced)
  • Fixed issue with rejected claims on Annual Account
  • Enhanced titles in applications and orders for clarity
  • Added option for receipt of property in Waiver by Beneficiary
  • Created new letters for ordering certified copies of documents in specific types of administration, improved existing letters' formatting and put them all together in Letters to County Clerk chapter
  • Added residence and service information if Designated Administrator is not the applicant
  • Updated amount of value of the estate to $75,000 and improved assembly in Letter to Client Confirming Representation


  • Improved instructions in Statutory POA
  • Fixed issue with specific gifts language
  • Added information to Client Web Services

Real Estate

  • Modified TREC forms for more flexible options

Family Law

  • Updated Standing Orders for Dallas, Rockwall, and Aransas Counties
  • Fixed issues with Application for Texas Hardship License PDF
  • Fixed issue with grounds for divorce
  • Fixed code reference for Agreed Order Transferring Suit
  • Updated suggested dates for Fifth Friday possession
  • Improved display of credit card debt in property division (Agreements and Orders)


  • Improved language in Spousal Lifetime Access Trust
  • Improved language in Letter of Instruction

Criminal Law

  • Changed caption for Petition/Order for Expunction to Ex Parte


  • Added special captions for El Paso County
  • Added notary language to petitions
  • Added notice to vacate language in Petition in FE&D
  • Improved formatting for all documents

Civil Litigation

  • Improved titles in Table of Contents for discovery docs to enable searching