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Use Our Client Web Services to Let Your Clients Do the Typing

We have spent the last few months really beefing up our popular Client Web Services (CWS) feature. Using CWS, your clients can enter intake and inventory online and you can download it right into TXdocs.  CWS is now easier for you and your clients to use and you can customize it to look like your website.  CWS now covers:

  • Divorce - Intake and inventory
  • Probate - Intake and inventories
  • Wills - Intake

After downloading the client’s data you can now print a data sheet that includes all of the download data.

CWS: See how a few quick steps will save you valuable time.

REGISTER HERE FOR THE CWS WEBINAR TO LEARN MORE: Founder/President/CEO Alan Schoolcraft will host TXdocs' first ever one-hour webinar covering Client Web Services on Thursday, June 6 at 12 o'clock noon. The State Bar of Texas has accredited this webinar for 1 hour of ethics CLE. 

More Litigation Forms

You may have noticed that the last few updates have added forms to your Civil Litigation library. Recent additions include more discovery forms, demand letters, subpoenas, post trial and appeals.

Get the most out of TXdocs

We’ve built a lot of great functionality into TXdocs to help you customize and assemble your documents with ease. Featured below are a few tools that will definitely save you a ton of time:


Customize how your assembled documents look.
Streamline your document assembly process.
Our Texas Codes tool makes research a breeze.

Included in these new additions is the highly requested Settlement and Mutual Release form with its accompanying settlement offers for both Plaintiff and Defendant, and a Declaration Invoking Rule 167. For the next several months Civil Litigation will continue to be our primary focus for new forms development and we have several hundred additional forms planned for this year.

Legislative Updates

Changes to the law will require updates to forms. We’re monitoring the legislation as it works its way through the process and are working hard to ensure all forms have the necessary changes by the effective dates.

For those who are interested in the inside scoop, be sure to follow Alan Schoolcraft on Twitter where he’ll give you the latest information on current projects, as wells as his thoughts and plans for future TXdocs enhancements.

We Want Your Suggestions and Requests

Many of TXdocs’ features and improvements result from feedback from our subscribers.  We really appreciate that and please keep the ideas coming.  Email us at or call us at (210) 253-9506.